Actress Aishwarya Arjun tests positive for coronavirus

Aishwarya Arjun Coronavirus positive

Coronavirus cases are slowly increasing in the industry. Already many in the industry are suffering from Kovid. Now someone else also got corona positive. Recently action king Arjun’s daughter Aishwarya got a corona positive. Already in this family Arjun’s nephew Dhruva Sarja got corona positive. His wife was also diagnosed with corona. Now another member of the same family is also suffering from corona. Actress Aishwarya Arjun, daughter of popular actor Arjun, has tested positive for COVID19. She is now being treated for coronavirus in a private hospital, said the actress’s PR team.

Aishwarya’s father Arjun has played lead roles in several Telugu films that include ‘Maa Pallelo Gopaludu’, ‘Mannemlo Monagadu’, ‘Drohi’, ‘Hanuman Junction’, and ‘Sri Manjunatha’. Aishwarya Arjun has acted in a couple of Tamil films and has been trying to get an offer in Telugu.

Arjun’s daughter Aishwarya was also rushed to a popular hospital in Chennai soon after Corona arrived. Aishwarya is being treated there under the guidance of eminent doctors. Fans are also praying for her recovery as soon as possible. Aishwarya’s family members, on the other hand, are also undergoing corona tests.


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