Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Starting Date leaked? Here’s when the season 4 of Bigg Boss Telugu starts airing

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Starting Date

Bigg Boss season 4 announcement came as a surprise for fans as no one expected that the controversial reality show would make its way to air in this year due to Covid 19 situation. But Star Maa gave a huge surprise by sharing a small teaser of BB4 with a new theme music and new logo which went viral on social media. The teaser didn’t reveal much on when this year’s Bigg Boss will start and hence speculations have started about the premiere date for this year.

When will Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Start?

Now it has been revealed that Bigg Boss 4 Telugu will start from 2nd Week of August 2020. This information is leaked by a famous entertainment channel though the official channel is yet to confirm the air date. Already contestants got finalized through Zoom video calls and their names will be revealed on the day of the launch.

We are compiling from various sources the contestants for this year’s Bigg Boss and the list will be posted shortly. Will you watch Bigg Boss 4 Telugu? Vote below.

Will you watch Bigg Boss 4 Telugu?

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