Ram Gopal Varma’s Power Star Trailer leaked online, RGV Apologises to the fans who paid for the trailer

Power Star RGV World Watch Online

Power Star is one of the most controversial movie of Ram Gopal Varma shot during this lockdown. RGV has shifted to releasing movies on his own Pay Per View platform RGV World where he charges people upfront to watch his movies. RGV’ Climax and Naked movies were released in this PPV format and they were a huge hit among audience bringing him more than 3 Crores in profit.

Boosted by this success RGV is making a controversial movie on one of the Superstars of Telugu Cinema titled as “Power Star”. This movie revolves around the failed political campaign of Power Star during 2019 election but RGV denies that this movie has nothing to do with Pawan Kalyan. There are many characters in this movie which resembles Telugu actors and Politicians, People of film industry including Allu Aravind have spoken against this movie.

The controversy is so huge that RGV decided to charge Rs. 25 for the trailer of this movie but Power Star Trailer was leaked on Youtube by a Channel named GreatAndhra and hence RGV decided to refund those who paid for the trailer.

RGV Power Star Trailer

RGV has apologised about this leak in Twitter

Ram Gopal Varma’s Power Star will release on 25th July 2020 via his PPV platform RGVWorld.com and pre-booking for the movie has started. The movie is priced at Rs.150.


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