How to Watch RGV Powerstar Online in RGV World Theatre?

Ram Gopal Varma Power Star Watch Online

RGV the most controversial director in Indian cinema have started releasing movies in Pay Per View and it seems to be doing well in terms of profitability during this lockdown as theatres are closed. Now RGV has made a new movie titled Powerstar which shows about the political debacle of actor Pawan Kalyan during 2019 Elections.

There were severe opposition from Pawan Kalyan fans for the release of this movie, but RGV says that this movie doesn’t portray Pawan Kalyan in bad light. The trailer of PowerStar went on to trend 1 on Youtube.

RGV PowerStar Movie Plot

This fictional film begins from the time a film stars lovingly founded great political party miserably fails in the elections . The weakened power star,as he starts self searching his mistakes, his well wishers and back stabbers too join in that endeavour not to forget his russian wife along with his loving plants and buffaloes.

Watch RGV PowerStar Online

  • The full movie of Powerstar will be releasing on July 25th at 11am at
  • Install the app, it’s a Chrome app that gets installed into our PC, Mac, Android or iPhone.
  • Before that the trailer of ‘POWERSTAR’ will be launched on 22nd July, 11am and at the same time the advance booking of ‘POWERSTAR’ full movie will open at a price of Rs.150/- per ticket.
  • But this Rs.150/- offer will only be available till 25th of July 11 am.
  • From 25th July 11 am onwards the ticket cost will be hiked to Rs.250 very much like how one has to buy a ticket in black at a premium.
  • POWERSTAR movie duration is around 40 mins .
  • A person who bought the ticket, can see the movie content in maximum upto 2 devices ( phone and laptop ).
  • The buyer can Access the content in their devices maximum upto 48 hours from the time of buy or from the release date and time ( in case of advance bookings ).


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