Varma directed by Bala to release on Amazon prime, here are the details

varma bala movie ott release amazon prime

Varma Movie Release Update: Bala is one of the unique directors of Tamil cinema. It was through his films that actors like Surya, Vikram touched the forefront of the screen. Bala, who had set up a better life for Chiyaan Vikram, was instrumental in creating the film Varma, claiming that it should be the starting point for his son Dhruv Vikram as well.

At Vikram’s request, a film called Varma was made under Bala’s direction. The film was dropped as it was not made with the same plot as Arjun Reddy base on which this movie was supposed to be made. It was subsequently re-filmed under the name Aditya Varma and later released.

It has been reported that the crew is currently planning to release on Amazon Prime video the movie Varma directed by Bala. The film is also slated to release on Ayudha Pooja day. It is noteworthy that when the teaser of the film Varma was released it was well-received among the fans.


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