‘Cook with Comali’ Shakeela’s daughter with Ashwin photo goes viral on social media

Actress Shakeela daughter

Actresses have every reason to come to the cinema. Actress Shakeela came to the cinema to become a heroine. Her life changed as she wanted to become a heroine. Thus her life changed when she started acting in adult movies, and the view of the people on her was different.

But now Shakeela is starting to look popular on the ‘Cook With Comali’ show as a mom. That’s because this shows her outlook has been changed. Now everyone looks at her as a mother and has earned her respect among fans. Shakeela’s cooking is also appreciated by many, including the judges, and she is considered one of the finalists of this show.

Actress Shakeela’s daughter was recently seen sharing a selfie with Cook with Comali fame Ashwin during the shooting of the ‘Start Music’ show. This photo is going viral on social media. It must be noted that Shakeela has adopted a transgender person as her daughter.


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