Brain Go 2 Answers and Cheats [All Levels]


Here are the answers, solutions and cheats to all levels of Brain Go 2 puzzles in one page. We have added hints to each and every levels to make it easier for the users. If you need help with any specific level comment below. Thanks to Brain Go 2 answers page for helping us in solving all these puzzles.

Brain Go 2 Level 1 please complete the alphabet

  • drag the s to complete

Brain Go 2 Level 2 who stole the ring

  • drag the scanner to blue shirt guy right thigh

Brain Go 2 Level 3 please trim the cat’s nails

  • cut the cat’s nails using cutting blade

Brain Go 2 Level 4 please cook the meal

  • drag the fire to chicken to cook the meal

Brain Go 2 Level 5 find out the hidden infinity gems

  • drag the scanner to find the infinity gems

Brain Go 2 Level 6 jack wants to transplant hair,help him!

  • pour seed, water on his head, place the sun near him to grow hair

Brain Go 2 Level 7 find out the real famous painting

  • click the painting under genuine

Brain Go 2 Level 8 rock-paper-scissors! win and strip the girl naked

  • select the fingers 5,2,5,2, full punch symbol to win the game

Brain Go 2 Level 9 she wants to see the rainbow

  • erase the dark clouds using rainbow paint brush

Brain Go 2 Level 10 surgery on melon

  • use the tools tear the middle part of melon and stritch it back

Brain Go 2 Level 11 please save him

  • drag the line to save him from falling down

Brain Go 2 Level 12 please save him

  • drag the line under 10t weight to save him

Brain Go 2 Level 13 find the key to her room

  • drag the magnet near him to find the key

Brain Go 2 Level 14 choose the correct size

  • drag the middle one with watermelon

Brain Go 2 Level 15 unlock the cellphone

  • press the fingerprint to unlock the cellphone

Brain Go 2 Level 16 move the matchstick to number 9 make the equation right

  • drag the matchstick to number 9 to make the equation right

Brain Go 2 Level 17 please open the safe

  • enter the 953 number to open the safe

Brain Go 2 Level 18 how to make her happy

  • pinch the peacock feather to spread it, she wil be happy

Brain Go 2 Level 19 if you have a portal

  • draw the e symbol near him, move him through portal

Brain Go 2 Level 20 help him to stop

  • draw the line to stop him to enter the portal

Brain Go 2 Level 21 cook the meal again without hurting the hein

  • drag the egg to fire cook the egg

Brain Go 2 Level 22 can help him perform well

  • drag the arrow down to up change the stats

Brain Go 2 Level 23 my boyfriend gave me a russian doll, wats in it

  • open the russian doll to find whats inside

Brain Go 2 Level 24 you only have one shot, how to do it

  • point the tnt behind zombie using sniper to kill them all in one shot

Brain Go 2 Level 25 smoking is harmful to health

  • tap the cigratte to kill the smoke

Brain Go 2 Level 26 help him find true love

  • drag the bench to the right edge

Brain Go 2 Level 27 how should he fight back

  • drag the spider to that innocent man bite him, he will turn into spiderman

Brain Go 2 Level 28 what dreams do dog have

  • dog dreaming like dog taking his owner to walking

Brain Go 2 Level 29 grab the balloon

  • draw the line over balloon

Brain Go 2 Level 30 how did the prisoner escape

  • drag the girl image to find the hidden hole

Brain Go 2 Level 31 try to integrate the joker

  • scroll the matching dress,integrate the joker

Brain Go 2 Level 32 drag the right item to the square

  • drag the bikini, strip her naked

Brain Go 2 Level 33 complete the puzzle

  • arrange the pieces to complete the puzzle

Brain Go 2 Level 34 sos!kill all the cockroaches!

  • tap the cockroach to kill them all

Brain Go 2 Level 35 how to create a masterpiece

  • break the statue hands to create a masterpiece

Brain Go 2 Level 36 eliminate them

  • frog catch the insects

Brain Go 2 Level 37 let’s clink glasses together!

  • drag big circle to make them stand steady, clink glass together

Brain Go 2 Level 38 one of the statues is a street artist performing

  • drag the dollar from the lady bag to suitcase

Brain Go 2 Level 39 find 5 differences

  • check out the image below to find the 5 differences

Brain Go 2 Level 40 i’m hungry, anyone can help

  • poor man dreaming burger on his sleep, drag the burger to his mouth


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