Indian Idol 12 Elimination Wild Card: Anjali Gaikwad not interested in returning as wild card contestant

Anjali Gaikwad Indian Idol 12

Anjali Gaikwad was evicted from Sony TV’s singing reality show ‘Indian Idol 12’ based on power-play votes. After her elimination, her fans got a big shock. Despite being involved in big reality shows like Indian Idol, Anjali did not give up her classical music. Her education was reflected in her every performance. After eliminating Anjali, now the fans of Indian Idol on social media are pressurizing the makers to bring her back to the show. Still, in a special conversation with Tv9 Bharatvarsh, Anjali clarifies that she can’t come back as a wild card entry.

Anjali said that she is pleased to see the love of the people. She probably never thought that people would love her so much, but she is pleased with this journey of her Indian Idol. She learned many things during this time, but she believes that she has not yet thought of going back to the show. She wants to focus on her music. She wants to do Riyaz, and if given a chance, she would also like to try her hand at playback singing.

Anjali will miss her friends
Anjali, who joined Indian Idol 12, is just 15 years old. She and her father had hoped that she would go to the top 5 of Indian Idol, but this dream of both of them could not be fulfilled. Anjali, who was the youngest contestant of Indian Idol season 12, says that she will miss a lot in Indian Idol. Anjali is carrying many memories related to her friend, the stage of Indian Idol, the judge, the entire team of Indian Idol.

Dream of reaching top 5
Anjali said that the judges were also in a lot of shocks after their eviction. She did not think that Anjali would be out of the show so soon. Let us tell you, both Shanmukha Priya and Anjali got the least number of votes in this competition. Considering the decision of the judges and the votes of the audience, when the powerplay result was finally declared, Anjali walked out of the show due to fewer votes than Shanmukha Priya.


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