Anupama 9 June 2021 Written Update: Kavya wants to take Vanraj for honeymoon

Anupama 9 June 2021

Anupama has returned home after beating cancer. But Kavya does not like the concern about Anupama in Vanraj’s eyes, so Kavya takes a big decision.

The track of ‘Anupama’ illness has come to an end in the show. After undergoing cancer treatment, Anupama has fully recovered and is back to her family. The whole family comes to welcome Anupama. But Kavya starts doing her spectacle there too. Know what will happen in today’s episode.

Kavya crossed all limits again
Anupama comes home after returning from the hospital. The whole family becomes thrilled seeing this, but Kavya is not happy. Kavya tells Anupama in front of the entire family that she will get well soon and only then will she be able to come to leave the airport. Vanraj is shocked to hear this, and he asks Kavya, ” Where am I going to chum? Kavya says I am not going on our honeymoon. The whole family is shocked to hear this.

Kavya tells Anupama that her honeymoon was spoiled because of her, but now she does not want her honeymoon spoiled. Hearing this, Vanraj gets very angry and asks Kavya to go home. Kavya gets furious hearing this.

Anupama’s family members welcomed
After Kavya’s spectacle, Anupama goes home. The whole family welcomes him. Anupama cuts the cake. Then the doctor comes to Advaita and praises Anupama a lot. Doctor Advaita informs Anupama’s family that Anupama is an investor in the family. He has learned a lot from them.

Fight between Kavya and Vanraj
Kavya decides that she will leave the resort and go back to Ahmedabad. When she tells this to Vanraj, Vanraj asks her to go to Ahmedabad alone. Hearing this, Kavya says that the family, after which they roam all day. He is with Anupama in her happiness and sorrow. His family always leaves him alone. On hearing Kavya, Vanraj gets very angry and explains to Kavya what his family does to him. That is his problem. Kavya asks Vanraj that he doesn’t care if he is there or not. Hearing this, Vanraj says yes.

To pacify Vanraj’s anger, Kavya plans to cook food for him. Kavya goes to get the mixer. Seeing this, Kavya starts fighting with Kinchal. In a few words, Kavya tells Kinchal that she is her mother-in-law. So talk politely. Kinchal tells Kavya that when the elders come on the wrong side, the younger ones have to be taught manners. Rakhi Dave is shocked to see Kinchal and Kavya fighting over a mixer. Rakhi Dave feels bad that her daughter is fighting for a mixer. Rakhi Dave scolds both Kavya and Kinchal.

Vanraj is busy looking for a job. He calls everywhere and asks about the job. But Vanraj is not heard from everywhere. Seeing his father upset and sitting alone, Tosho comes to talk to Vanraj. Tosho tells Vanraj not to worry. He and Kinchal will do everything. Vanraj explains to Toso that his career has just begun. In such a situation, they do not want any burden to fall on them. Vanraj says that he wants to work for his family and himself, which made them happy.

Rakhi Dave got upset about daughter Kinchal
Kinchal asks Anupama to make a chutney recipe. Rakhi Dave gets quite surprised to see this. Rakhi Dave, while talking to Anupama, says that her daughter has done so much education. But today, she is becoming like him. Anupama explains to Rakhi Dave that Kinchal will never be under pressure from the family. Bao and Babu will always support him. At the same time, whenever Kinchle needs him, he will come to him immediately. Hearing this, Rakhi Dave does not get satisfaction at all.


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