Anupama 10 June 2021 Written Update: Kavya’s romantic date again spoiled because of Anupama

Anupama 10 June 2021 Written Update

In the show ‘Anupama’ today, Kavya plans a romantic dinner for Vanraj, but something happens between the two that Kavya gets hit on her head. Know whether today Kavya will be able to fulfill her dream. Kavya plans a romantic dinner for Vanraj, but once again, Vanraj leaves Kavya and goes back to his family. Anupama’s report is good, and then the whole family returns home to meet Dr. Advait.

Kavya plans a romantic dinner to please Vanraj. On the other hand, the whole family cooks Anupama’s favorite food to keep her happy. At night, Vanraj gets hurt due to Kavya’s mistake, and a fight ensues between the two. On the other hand, seeing the whole family partying, Vanraj goes to them. Know what will happen today in the latest episode of Anupama.

Kavya plans dinner for Vanraj
Kavya plans dinner to pacify Vanraj’s anger. She cooks Vanraj’s favorite food. On the other hand, the whole family surprises Anupama by cooking her favorite food. Kavya closes Vanraj’s eyes and takes him to the room. Then Vanraj’s foot collides with the table due to not seeing anything, and Vanraj gets angry at Kavya. Kavya makes Vanraj realize that she has worked hard and prepared food for him. After which, Vanraj calms down and embraces Kavya.

Kavya’s surprise went bad
On the one hand, Kavya and Vanraj’s romantic date is going on. On the other hand, Pakhi cooks for the first time. Hearing this, the whole house becomes happy and starts partying. Kavya gets upset as the music is loud and then starts cursing Vanraj’s family. Just then, Vanraj comes out, and he sees his entire family partying. Just then, Sweety comes to Vanraj and says that he has cooked food for the first time.

‘Papa, you come too,’ Vanraj daughter said. Hearing this, Vanraj cannot stop himself and leaves Kavya’s dinner and starts insisting on going to his daughter. Kavya stops, and Vanraj pushes to his family. Kavya gets hurt on her forehead, and she becomes sad.

Anupama’s report is normal
It is shown through Times Laps that the family takes full care of Anupama. On the other hand, the married life of Kavya and Vanraj is going on full of tension. Anupama is pleased in her life. On the other hand, Kavya is very upset despite being Vanraj. Meanwhile, Anupama’s report arrives. In which it is told that he is excellent now. After which, the whole family prepares to go back home from the resort.

The Shah family parted ways with Dr. Advait
After Anupama’s health recovers, the whole family gets ready to go back home. All the doctors lovingly thank Advaita. Doctor Advaita also sends off the whole family with love and gives special advice to everyone. In the end, with the sound of the Murli, he bids farewell to Anupama and her entire family. Anupama gets emotional seeing the resort and is happy remembering all the moments spent with the family.

Kavya’s special car
The whole family comes out of the resort to go home, and then everyone’s face goes down on seeing the white car parked in front. Just married is written on the car. Just then, Kavya Vanraj comes holding hands and gets very happy seeing the car. Seeing the family’s reaction, Kavya tells everyone that she is going home for the first time and will go with pride.


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