Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya talks about the controversy surrounding Indian Idol 12

Abhjeet Bhattacharya Indian Idol 12

Indian Idol 12 is in a lot of headlines these days. There are a lot of controversies about the show. Especially after the statements given by Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar about the show, the show is in a lot of discussions. Amit Kumar had said that the show’s makers had asked him to praise the contestants, no matter what the performance. Now singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya, who came in the last episode, has given his reaction about the show. Abhijeet says that Amit’s statement has been misinterpreted.

Abhijeet said in an interview to Peeping Moon, ‘There is no controversy. I spoke to Amit Kumar after that incident. Firstly, Amit Kumar did not give this statement in front of the camera. There was neither any video nor any audio of it. People believed what the print media told them. His point has been exaggerated. There has been a ruckus about the show without any meaning.

Praising the contestants, Abhijeet said, ‘There are many talented contestants in the show. Everyone’s singing is excellent.

The statements of many singers and ex-judges and contestants of the show have come about this show. Let us tell you about everyone’s statements.

Sunidhi Chauhan
In an interview a few days ago, that why she does not judge this show. Let us tell you that Sunidhi had first appeared in this show as a judge, but then she got away from the show. On not judging the show, Sunidhi had said, it is not that we were asked to praise everyone, but yes, we were asked to praise. I didn’t want to do that, so I left it.

Meiyang Chang
Meiyang Chang had said on the controversy about the show; our season was quite simple. We weren’t that glam and didn’t have that much social media exposure. Well, everyone knows that drama happens in reality shows.

Abhijeet Sawant
Abhijeet had said that in the show, instead of the talent of the contestants, the makers see how poor they are and highlight the story of their poverty.


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