Anupama 11 June 2021 Written Update: Babu ji gave a big blow to Vanraj-Kavya in marriage gift

Anupama 11 June 2021 Written Update

Anupama and her family have left for home after the surgery was done properly. At the same time, after getting divorced, Anupama decides to go back to her mother’s house. The grief of Anupama’s departure from home is making the entire family sad. But as soon as he reaches home, Babu Ji surprises everyone. Know what will happen today in the latest episode of Anupama.

After beating cancer, Anupama and her family are now on their way back from the resort to their home. After getting divorced from Vanraj and getting married to Vanraj with Kavya, Anupama decides to go back to her mother’s house. On the way, worrying about learning from Anupama’s house, her children, Bo and Babuji, become very upset. As soon as he reaches home, Babu Ji gives Vanraj a gift of his marriage. Seeing this, everyone’s senses fly away. Know whether Anupama will really be parting from the Shah family.

Baa got angry seeing Kavya’s action
The way Kavya has decorated the car to know the house. Bo and the whole family get angry seeing him. Even Vanraj does not like this. Bow tells Kavya that there has been so much infamy in the locality already. Now there is no need to make a spectacle by beating drums. Vanraj also scolds Kavya, but Kavya disagrees. Forcibly takes Vanraj in the same car. In the car, Kavya tries to be romantic with Vanraj. To which Vanraj starts getting irritated.

Anupama’s life made her children emotional
While returning home from the resort, there is a conversation between Anupama and her children in the car. The death of her mother deeply saddens sweety. Seeing which Tosho, Samar, Kinchal and Nandini will also leave the house, how much will the house be deserted due to Anupama’s departure.

Anupama also gathers courage and explains to the children that she is leaving only two lanes. They can come to meet them whenever they want. At the same time, Anupama explains that if Kavya gets angry, a person has to stay hidden. Anupama does not tell her children, but the grief of leaving the house only spills from her eyes.

Baa and Babu ji also upset
On their way home, Baa and Babu Ji are worried about how their house will run now. Babu Ji tells Baa that after Anupama’s departure, how will her house be known. On which Baa also gets sad.

Anupama bid farewell
Anupama and her entire family reach home from the resort. Anupama sees her house and gets emotional. She meets everyone before leaving the house. While leaving, Anupama explains to Kavya that she will get the same in return if she gives love and respect to her family members. Along with this, Anupama also tells Vanraj to take care of himself and the whole family.

Babu ji gave a big blow
Anupama is on her way to her house when Babu Ji stops her and tells Vanraj that he wants to give her a wedding gift. Babu Ji goes inside the house and brings some papers. Babuji gives the envelope to Vanraj, but then Kavya snatches him from his hand. Babuji gives the second envelope to Anupama. Anupama reads the papers kept in the envelope and is shocked. At the same time, she says Babuji; you should not have done this.

Without reading the papers, Kavya explains to Anupama that whatever elders give, they should take it by bowing their heads as a blessing. Also, Kavya repeatedly says thank you to Babuji. Babu Ji says to Kavya, maybe you have not read the papers properly. Vanraj scolds Kavya and snatches the papers.

Vanraj’s lost senses
In front of the whole family, Babu Ji says that he did not do his house in the name of Vanraj. Kavya gets shocked hearing this. Babu Ji says that he has done three parts of his house. The first part is of Vanraj, the second part of daughter Sweety, and the third part of Anupama. Kavya and Vanraj are shocked to hear this.


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