Anupama 12 June 2021 Written Update: Babu ji gave a big blow to Kavya and Vanraj

Anupama 12 June 2021

A tremendous twist has come in the show Anupama because of Babu Ji. After making Anupama’s name home, Babu Ji has taken another big decision. Everyone is quite surprised to hear this. Babuji has given a part of the house in Anupama’s name. At the same time, he also requested Anupama to stay in the same house. Anupama bows before Babuji’s stubbornness. At the time of entering the house, the new daughter-in-law Kavya’s. The place welcomes Anupama.

A tremendous twist has come in Anupama’s show. Babuji has ruined Kavya’s hopes by giving a part of the house in Anupama’s name. In the show, Babu Ji makes all the women of the society aware of their rights. Also, how a woman must have a home, these lessons are explained. A lot of drama will be seen in today’s episode. Know what will happen in the latest episode of Anupama.

Babu Ji gave a big gift to Anupama
After coming home from the resort, everyone is deeply saddened by Anupama’s death. But as soon as the whole family reaches home. Babu Ji gives a loud blow to everyone. Babu Ji gives a part of the house in the name of Anupama. Kavya and Vanraj are shocked to hear this. At the same time, Anupama is also gets shocked by this. Babu Ji explains to everyone that Anupama is his daughter, and this right gives him this house.

Anupama will not leave the house
After giving a share to Anupama in the house, Babu Ji tells her that she will not go anywhere and stay with her. Hearing this, Kavya gets furious, and Vanraj is also shocked. Anupama tells Babu Ji that she cannot do this. Then Babu Ji tells everyone about the injustice being done to women in society. Babu Ji says that every woman in society should have a house of her own God. So that never her husband, children ask her to leave the house. Babu Ji pleads with folded hands in front of Anupama that she should stop in the same house.

Baa got worried about the society
Baa agrees to do house in Anupama’s name. But hearing about Anupama’s stay in the same house with Kavya, he also feels extraordinary. Babu tells Babu what the society will say. Then Babu ji says that when his 50-year-old son had an affair, got married, then what was more strange than this. The whole family gets shocked and upset after hearing this. Seeing Babuji’s stubbornness, Anupama says yes.

Kavya’s anger
While agreeing to stay in the house, Kavya angrily tells Anupama that Babuji is saying this by being emotional, but you should believe it. Anupama says that she is his daughter now and cannot avoid her talk. Vanraj takes a jibe at Anupama and says that your eyes were already at home. Anupama says in response that your eyes were outside the house, so someone had to keep an eye on the house.

Kavya raised questions on Babuji
Seeing all this, Kavya loses her cool and Babu ji says that things are not right. Babu Ji tells them that he has not taken away any of their rights from them. You can live in the house as a daughter-in-law. Babu Ji asks Vanraj and Kavya will you guys stay home? Vanraj is already believing that Kavya says that we will stay.

Baa welcomes you
Seeing Anupama going towards the house, Kavya quickly grabs Vanraj’s hand and walks towards the house. Seeing this, Anupama stops outside. Baa brings aarti plate. Seeing this, Kavya becomes very happy. Kavya says thank god there is someone who remembers that she is the new daughter-in-law. As Kavya progresses. Baa stops them. Babu ji moves ahead and goes to Anumpa. Baa says that the first Aarti will be of her Anupama. Hearing this, Kavya gets furious. Kavya says that but she is the daughter-in-law of this house now. Hearing this, Babu ji says that Anupama is the Lakshmi, Saraswati and Annapurna of this house.


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