Dance Deewane 3 Elimination: Uday Singh and Jamna Ben evicted from Madhuri Dixit show

Dance Deewane 3 elimination 13 June 2021

Uday Singh and Jamna Ben are now out of Colors TV’s dancing reality show Dance Deewane 3. These two contestants, who won the hearts of millions of people with their dance and simplicity, could not make their place in the top 8. Pallavi, Jamna Ben, and Uday Singh were in Bottom 3 after Raghav announced the elimination in today’s episode. However, out of these three, Pallavi of Mumbai became safe, and the other two had to leave the show and go home.

Talking about Uday Singh, after a video of this talented dancer living in a small township of Madhya Pradesh went viral, the Dance India team brought him from his home to Mumbai. It was always felt that people living in a small settlement like him do not have the right to dream, but after coming to dance crazy, he and his mother got respect, but Uday also learned to dream on the stage of this dance. Not only this, Sonu Sood, who came on the show a few weeks ago, promised to feed Uday’s entire settlement in lockdown.

Jamna Ben is happy to meet Madhuri Dixit
Along with memories from the stage of Dance Deewane, Uday is carrying a golden future. The other contestant out of this reality show is Jamna Ben. Jamna Ben always learned dance by watching Madhuri Dixit. She is not only his fan but also his disciple. But this disciple also reminds me of Eklavya because, like Eklavya, he also learned dance by watching Madhuri Dixit. Dance Deewane 3 gave Jamna, who took care of her house while staying at home, a platform where she could fulfill her dreams.

Wild card entries coming next week
Jamna Ben is pleased with this journey. She never thought that she would perform in front of everyone in a reality show like Dance Deewane, or she would get a chance to see Madhuri Dixit. On this stage, he also shared the stage with Madhuri. But now, after the eviction of Uday Singh and Jamna Ben, the competition has become even more interesting. Next week wild card entries are coming on this platform to challenge the top 8 contestants. Now it will be fascinating to see who leads in this match.


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