Anupama Written Update 16 June 2021: Kavya came in front of Babuji in Nighty dress

Anupama 16 june 2021 written update

Vanraj is getting a lot of trouble due to Anupama’s arguments with Kavya. Because of which Vanraj started taunting Anupama. On the other hand, Baa and Babuji are fully supporting Anupama. Know what will happen today in the latest episode of ‘Anupama’.

A new drama has started in the show Anupama. There is a rift between Kavya and Anupama. In which Vanraj is also not leaving any opportunity to taunt Anupama. How does Kavya live in front of elders at home? She is learning the way. Know what will happen in today’s latest episode.

Vanraj-Anupama clashed with each other
Anupama is talking to the whole family and she tells Samar that their school is going to open from tomorrow. Anupama tells Baa that she will go to do all the household chores. On hearing this, Samar says that daughter-in-law works in this house and not daughter. Hearing this, Kinchal says that yes, from tomorrow onwards she and Kavya will do household chores. Meanwhile, Kinchal tells Kavya that her office is also opening from tomorrow.

So no more holidays. That’s when Kavya says that she knows that she cannot leave any vacation or job, because Vanraj has no job. This Vanraj listens and then starts venting anger on Anupama. Vanraj tells Anupama that she knows and narrates it to him. Knowing this, there is a lot of debate between Anupama and Vanraj and he gets up from the dinner table and leaves.

Conflict between Kavya and Vanraj
After fighting with Anupama, Vanraj enters the room and Kavya also follows him. Vanraj tells Kavya that if he has more trouble because of not having a job, then why did he get married. Kavya taunts and tells Vanraj that if he has so much trouble then why does he not shut people’s mouths after finding a job.

Locals raised questions on Anupama
As usual, Anupama is offering water in Tulsi. Then seeing Anupam, the women of the locality started talking. She comes to Anupama and asks that she heard that you and Vanraj got divorced and Vanraj got married again. Then why are you living here? Hearing this, Bo comes out and starts fighting with those women. Seeing this, Anupama tells those women that she does not live with Vanraj, she lives with her parents. If it is written in a book that you cannot stay, then tell them that they will leave from here now. Hearing this, the women leave.

Kavya forgot her limits
Kavya comes from her room and goes into the nightie. Bo and Babuji are shocked to see this. Babuji takes his tea and goes out. Then Bo tells Kavya that what was a need to come outside wearing what she wears in the bedroom. Anupa also explains to Kavya that clothes should be worn as the weather is. Hearing this, Kavya apologizes to Bo.

Vanraj went to listen to Anupama
After convincing Kavya, Anupama leaves. Then Vanraj goes to him and says that his father and Babuji have the right to convince Kavya. Anupama tells Vanraj that this house is also hers. After all, Vanraj taunts Anupama that now you will explain the meaning of family which divorced her husband. Anupama says then will you teach who committed infidelity with her husband.

Kavya-Vanraj did not get breakfast
Vanraj and Kavya come to the table for breakfast but nothing is found on the table. Seeing this, Kavya asks if breakfast is not served. Bow reminds Kavya that she had said that she and Vanraj will eat healthy food. He had made parathas. Hearing this, Vanraj’s mouth waters. Then Vanraj asks Kavya to make a sandwich.


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