Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Gran Finale to air soon, Mohanlal in Kerala for shooting

Bigg Boss 3 Malayalam Grand Finale

The Bigg Boss reality show is currently the most talked about in the audience. Due to COVID 19, the third season was suspended. The show ended on the 95th day. The show was halted due to the dire situation in Chennai. The show was halted, much to the audience’s dismay.

But Bigg Boss was expected to resume. This was a discussion among the audience. The audience were on social media to congratulate the Bigg Boss team and the Asianet channel for their efforts during these adverse times to run Bigg Boss. Voting was also held to determine the winner. After a week of voting, there was no information about the finale and this was criticised. There was a lot of news about the show. Host Mohanlal himself has come forward to answer the doubts of the audience. This will bring relief to the audience.

Mohanlal’s video was released yesterday announcing that there will be a finale for Season 3. The video was released on the Asianet channel. The actor says in the video that he has to wait a bit for the finale. Mohanlal has assured that there will be a finale.

Now there is a question that the audience raises with one mind. Who is the winner of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3? But you have to be a little more forgiving. There will be a grand finale announcing the winner of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 when there is a temporary cure for the current serious problems caused by the epidemic. Until then, dear audience, wait. Let me remind you once again, stay home as much as you can now. Be safe, “says Mohanlal.

Meanwhile, Mohanlal, who was in Chennai, has returned home. Earlier, it was rumored that the Bigg Boss finale would be held in Kerala because of the COVID situation in Chennai. The news that came out with the return of Mohanlal is likely to come true. A lockdown has been declared in Kerala till June 16. The final is expected to take place shortly after the government’s proposal to impose lockdown restrictions. Preparations for this are already in the pipeline.


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