Anupama 17 June 2021 Written Update: ‘Anupama’ changed her name as soon as she separated from Vanraj

Anupama 17 June 2021

Anupama and Vanraj’s new life has started. Anupama is preparing to open her own dance studio. On the other hand, Vanraj is not getting a job. On the other hand, Kinchal’s mother, Rakhi Dave, does a lot of drama because of not having a maid in the house. Know what will happen today in the latest episode of Anupama.

These days the changed life of Vanraj, Kavya, and Anupama is being shown in the show ‘Anupama.’ Anupama returns to her school and is fulfilling her dream of opening a dance studio. While trying to get a job, Vanraj is losing his courage. Kavya has started showing her attitude as soon as she enters the house.

Kavya taunts Vanraj
Kavya gets late for the office. Calling Vanraj a boy, Kavya takes away the keys to his car. Vanraj tells Kavya that he has an interview today. He can’t be late. Kavya says that you do not know whether you will get the job, but if she does not reach the office, her job will definitely go away. Vanraj gets very sad hearing this. While going for the interview, Vanraj touches the feet of Babuji and tells him that no matter how big the child becomes, he needs parents.

Different life of Anupama-Vanraj started
Anupama goes to school after a long time. Everyone is pleased to see Anupama in school. The children also become happy to see Anupama and then tell her not to know about such a long leave. On the other hand, Vanraj goes for the interview. Where they are not given jobs because of their age, during this, Vanraj gives Anupama an example to the boss and says that a 46-year-old woman spent her life between kitchen and spices. She is teaching in school today and is going to open a dance school soon.

Rakhi Dave was sad to see the condition of daughter Kinchal
Bao and Babu Ji are spending their time watching movies at home. Just then, Rakhi Dave comes. Rakhi tells Baa that she needs to talk to him urgently. In this, Kinchal brings a lot of vegetables in his hands while returning from the office. Rakhi Dave gets very sad seeing the vegetables in Kinchal’s hands. Rakhi gets furious seeing this. She fights with Baa and starts yelling at her. Rakhi tells Dave Baw that why can’t hire a full-time maid. Baa says that Jhilmil has gone. Otherwise, she does all the work. Bow tells Rakhi Dave that she has done all the work with Babuji. Seeing this, Kinchal explains to her mother.

Anupama’s dream is coming true
Samar and Nandani take Anupama to open her dance studio. Together, all three are planning how the dance studio will be built. Anupama tells Samar and Nandani that she will keep Kanha ji’s peacock feather, the logo of her dance studio. Samar and Nandani make complete plans with Anupama and decide how things will go.

Rakhi Dave explained to Kinchal
Rakhi Dave explains to Kinchal that she will become like Anupama one day, and Tosho will leave her like Vanraj. Kinchle gets scared hearing this. Rakhi Dave explains to Kinchle that Kavya will take her office under herself by entrapping her household chores. At the same time, Rakhi Dave tells Kinchal that she should not be right for herself but should hire a maid for Bo-Babu Ji and Anupama. At this age and in this condition of Anupama, she will work. This is not good either. Hearing this, Kinchal falls into thought.

Vanraj returned home disappointed
Vanraj returns home after giving an interview and has a sad look on his face. Seeing this, Babu Ji gives courage to Vanraj. Anupama’s children’s cards are kept on the table. On which good things of Anupama are written. Vanraj sees this when Anupama brings tea.


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