Madan OP Arrest: Madan OP to surrender today, Who is Youtuber Madan OP?

    Madan OP Arrest

    Madan has been widely accused of using obscene language to play a banned puppet game on a YouTube channel operating under the name Madan. Madan, who claims to be over-powered by Madan op, has been playing the puppet game live on YouTube for hours.

    With almost 8 lakh subscribers, this YouTube has over 2 lakh people between 12 and 18 alone. PUBG Madan OP has been involved in slandering women who play with him, slandering body parts, and simply cursing them with bad words.

    Jason Samuel was the first to mention this Pubg Madan. Now more than 150 people have complained about Madan OP. Police are also talking to the victims. The culmination of the atrocity was forming a separate army for young people attracted to him while talking about sex while playing, talking obscenely about women, and giving tips.

    Madan OP and his fans also habit of reporting Youtube pages and ban them if someone speaks badly about him. There will be a Google Pay number on the screen while Madan is playing. Madan will say the names of the people who send money for it live. That’s why so many boys send money. He has also been accused of talking obscenely to girls on Instagram Live at night while not playing the game and engaging them in seductive activities.

    The girls who come to play PUBG can also be referred to as their second and third wives in an abusive manner. Shockingly, a popular YouTube channel has given an award to this person famous for speaking ubiquitous bad words. Madan went missing after the police came looking for him. His wife has been arrested by police and is being investigated. When Madan plays PUBG, a woman was also seen speaking bad words. It is also said to be the wife of Madan.

    Madan owns two houses in Salem and Sholinganallur. He has been living a rich life with money through Youtube and his fans. Has been buying luxury houses, two cars, and bitcoin. Permission has now been sought to disable his YouTube channel and confiscate the cars. He will be arrested soon, police said. Meanwhile, in a video, a student named Nirmal Kumar says that his father is an MLA. He also sent 10 thousand rupees to Madan. When inquired as to whether this was true, it was revealed that Nirmal Kumar was the son of Mannachanallur DMK MLA Kathiravan.

    When asked about this, MLA Kadiravan said that Madan had asked for a donation in an online game and that his son had given him money, so Madan had said his name live. He also said that he would file a case against Madan for speaking his name live. Madan has been arrogantly talking to his fans. These audios are also available to the police. He tells himself that no one can do anything and keep his money and survive in this case.

    Madan OP is expected to surrender today as his anticipatory bail was rejected, and his wife is in police custody.


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