Bigg Boss 5 Tamil to start in October 2021, Kamal Haasan to host season 5

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil October 2021

Information about when Big Boss Season 5 starting date has been released. Big Boss Season 4 ended in January 2021. The Bigg Boss Season 4, which was supposed to start in June last year, was dragged from October to January due to the COVID 19 threat and lockdown.

In this case, the Bigg Boss show team planned to start the fifth season of Big Boss in due course. The Bigg Boss team was also actively involved in this work. Accordingly, the program team spoke to many people, from the host to the contestant. Actor Kamal Haasan, who has hosted the last 4 seasons, was said to be in talks with Simbu to host Bigg Boss Season 5 as he was busy with the election.

But the official information has come out recently that Bigg Boss Season 5 will also be hosted by actor Kamal Haasan. It is said that he was paid more than last season.

When is season 5

In this case, the information has been released about when the Bigg Boss Season 5 starts. The second wave of the corona, which has been at its peak in Tamil Nadu for the past few days, is declining. Thus, the locksmiths who were in force in Tamil Nadu are being reduced. Following this, work on Bigg Boss Season 5 is starting up again. According to reports, Bigg Boss Season 5 will be released in October, similar to Bigg Boss Season 4.

It has also been revealed that Bigg Boss Season 5 will be hosted by actor Kamal Haasan. It has also been reported that actor Kamal has given a 20-day call sheet for the Big Boss show.


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