Indian Idol 12: Fans angry on Shanmukhapriya after Sawai Bhatt elimination on 20th June


Sony TV’s singing reality show Indian Idol 12 is being liked a lot among fans. On the one hand, while the show is being liked among the fans, on the other hand, it is also surrounded by controversies. Now the strong contestant Sawai Bhatt is out of the show, and the trolling of Shanmukhpriya has started again.

After Anjali Gaikwad, now the fans have been surprised by Sawai Bhatt’s elimination from the show. With this, the show once again seems to be mired in controversies. This time the names of two of the most famous Indians, Sawai Bhat, and Pawandeep, were in the bottom two, and due to fewer votes, Sawai Bhatt was thrown out of the show.

Due to being out of Sawai, the anger of the users has erupted on social media. Fans claim that the elimination is being done incorrectly. Many even accused the judges of bias. Users say that the makers are throwing out good and talented contestants to save Shanmukhapriya.

Meanwhile, many people are targeting Shanmukhapriya. One user has written that the show is getting worse day by day; they somehow save #ShanMukhPriya and #SawaiBhatt being out is very pathetic.

With the removal of Sawai Bhatt, it is clear that Indian Idol is playing a game. On the one hand, Pawan Deep is kept in the last 2, and after removing Sawai, he says that Pawan got the most votes. What a joke
Shanmukhapriya indianidol troll

Indian Idol, what nonsense .. only politics to remove Sawaibhatt for partisanship !! In fact, they count the public’s votes, or they do it to fool the people; again, #ShanMukhPriya was saved by the judges.

Shanmukhpriya has faced trolling many times before this. Or say that whenever a strong contestant is out of the show, the users’ anger erupts on Shanmukhpriya and the show.


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