Written Update Anupama 21st June 2021: Kavya’s new maid entered the house

Anupama 21 June 2021 Written Update

Kavya has kept a maid named Geeta Bai in the house, which is quite a driver by nature. The drama has increased a lot as soon as Geeta Bai enters the house. Know what is going to be interesting tonight in the latest episode of ‘Anupama Show.’

A new character has been entered in ‘Anupama Show.’ Her name is Geeta Bai. Geeta Bai is the new maid of the Shah family, which is called by Kavya. Geeta Bai is quite a driver and obeys everything Kavya says. Bow keeps an eye on Geeta Bai and taunts her over her misbehavior. The arrival of Geeta Bai in the house has created a stir, and the drama in the show Anupama has increased even more. Know what will happen in today’s latest episode.

Kavya’s maid came in the house
Kavya has brought a maid into the house. Her name is Geeta Bai. The whole family is shocked to see Geeta and her tantrums. On the other hand, Bo is distraught after seeing the attitude of the maid. To wash four clothes, Kavya’s maid dumps the entire surf box. Seeing which Bo gets furious and explains to him that such things have to be done. Hearing this, the maid gets furious and says that she cannot bear Ba. So he has to talk to Kavya.

Samar-Nandani’s plan
Samar and Nandani are preparing to open Anupama’s dance class. Meanwhile, Samar-Nandani talks and Samar says that he should talk about marriage with his mother, Anupama. But because of Babuji’s decision, the situation has become strange. So Samar tells Nandani that he wants to get a new house and that he and his entire family should live in that house. After which, the whole family will be able to stay away from Kavya.

Geeta Bai, who came from the Shah family, is quite a driver. While soaking the clothes, she tells on the phone that two wives live together in the house. He is shocked to see. Geeta Bai says on the phone that Anupama is swift in her work. At the same time, Kavya is not at ease with making eyebrows. Anupama hears this and explains it to Geeta. Then Anupama also explains to Bo.

Vanraj got new job
Vanraj is looking for a job, but due to age, every company rejects him. After searching for a job, Vanraj tells this to his friend. Hearing this, his friend tells him that he is opening a new cafe. In that, he can work as a marketing manager. Vanraj’s friend explains to him that once in life, something different has to be done. Hearing this, Vanraj becomes happy.

Anupama babu ji happy
Vanraj returns home and tells about the job to Bo-Babu Ji. Anupama also stands there. Everyone gets pleased hearing this. Vanraj asks Babuji what does he think? So Babu Ji says that I have seen such a good smile on my face after a long time. So he should do this job. Hearing this, Anupama lights a lamp in the temple.

Kavya’s arrogance
Kavya returns from the office and puts her feet on the table. Bo and Anupama are shocked to see this action of Kavya. Bo tells Kavya how her maid treated her. Hearing this, Kavya gets enraged and starts shouting at Bo-Anupama. Kavya accuses Anupama of deliberately doing this so that she can snatch Vanraj from her. After which, Anupama replies that she can do this work. However, not everyone is like him.


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