Anupama 25 June 2021 Written Update: Anupama saves Kavya during Savitri Puja

Anupama 25 June 2021

The track of the worship of Vat Savitri is being shown in the show ‘Anupama.’ Kavya observes a fast to humiliate Anupama and meets with an accident during the puja. Know what will happen in the show of ‘Anupama’ tonight?

Vat Savitri’s fast is being shown in the show Anupama. This is the first fast of Kinchal and Kavya after marriage. Kavya does not miss an opportunity to taunt Anupama even on the day of the fast. An accident happens to Kavya while worshiping. Know why it will happen tonight in the latest episode of the show Anupama.

Anupama immersed in the memories of Vat Savitri Puja
Anupama is preparing for Vat Savitri Puja. That’s when she gets lost in the old memories of how she worships Vat Savitri. On the other hand, this is the first fast after the marriage of Kinchal and Tosho. Both are very excited about it. Anupama decorates the plates of all the householders for worship.

Vanraj refused to keep fast
To humiliate Anupama, Kavya tells that Vanraj will keep a fast of Vat Savitri for her. Vanraj comes to the gym and is happy to see Kavya punished. Vanraj tries to hug Kavya, but Kavya separates them from herself. Kavya tells Vanraj that his makeup will get spoiled. Hearing this, Vanraj used to remember the behavior of Anupama that how he used to remove the smell of spices from Anupama. As Vanraj goes to drink his protein, Kavya stops him and forces him to observe Vat Savitri’s fast, but Vanraj flatly refuses.

The family gave a befitting reply to Kavya
The whole family comes together for the puja. Anupama is watching the whole family. Just then, Kavya comes with Vanraj and asks Anupama to take his eyes off her too. Anupama says that till yesterday, she was telling them that she would get their eyesight. Hearing Anupama’s answer, Kavya’s mouth becomes blown. Vanraj goes to the office. Bow worries about Vanraj that he will be hungry and thirsty for the whole day. Then Kavya tells that Vanraj did not keep the fast.

Kavya says that she has told Vanraj that it will be difficult to keep fast with the office, so do not keep it. Hearing this, Pakhi says that she is telling a lie. Pakhi tells that when both of them were fighting. Then the voice of both of them fighting was coming till his room. Hearing this, Kavya gets furious and starts telling lies to Pakhi and Anupama. Seeing this, Samar, Tosh also does not keep silent and starts answering Kavya.

Anupama was taken with the ball for worship.
Vat Savitri is worshiped with the whole locality. Knowing this, Anupama restrains herself from staying in the house, but Bo says it is a festival and forcefully takes Anupama with her as soon as the whole family comes out of the house for worship. The ladies of the locality start taunting Bo. Bow’s eyes roll. Seeing this, Anupama apologizes to everyone and says that she will stop at home. Could you not do this to his family?

Babu ji taught a lesson to the locality
Babu Ji sees that the entire locality is misbehaving with his family. Then he comes out and tells the ladies of the locality that both Anupama and Kavya are members of his house. The difference is that Kavya is his daughter-in-law, and Anupama is his daughter. Babu Ji tells that, of course, Anupama got divorced from Vanraj. But his relationship with family members is not over. Babu Ji explains to the women of the locality what is the relation of his family with Anupama. They cannot understand. Hearing this, the mind of the women of the locality change.

Kavya flared up while worshiping
This first Vat of Kavya after marriage is the fast of Savitri. How to worship Kinchal during Anupama Puja. She is telling that only then she sees that Kavya is worshiping with the opposite hand. Anupama gestures to Kinchal to explain to him. Kinchal asks Kavya to worship with her right hand. Then Kavya gets angry at Anupama and starts reciting it in front of everyone. Kavya tells Anupama that if she is dying so much to worship, then why divorce. The whole family is shocked to hear this.

Accident with kavya
While worshiping Vat Savitri, Kavya’s leg gets stuck in the sari, and she starts falling. Seeing this, Anupama runs towards Kavya and saves her. Meanwhile, the strings of Kavya’s hands fall into Anupama’s hands. Then Vanraj also comes.


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