Anupama 26 June 2021 Written Update: Kavya showed Vanraj down in front of his family

Anupama 26 June 2021

The worship of Vat Savitri is being shown in the show ‘Anupama.’ During this, Kavya gets hurt on her leg. Kavya asks Anupama to apply balm on her own feet and, during this time, takes her picture. Here, Kavya is not happy to see Vanraj working in a small company and insults him a lot in front of the whole family. Know what will happen today in the latest episode of Anupama.

Ever since Kavya has come into the Shah family, since then the full-on drama continues. During the worship of Vat Savitri, Kavya gets hurt in her leg. On her way home, Kavya asks Anupama to apply a balm on her own feet to humiliate Anupama. On the other hand, in tonight’s episode, Kavya insults Vanraj in front of the entire family. Know what will happen tonight in the latest episode of Anupama Show.

Anupama helped Kavya
While worshiping Vat Savitri, Kavya’s foot slips and falls. Seeing this, Anupama runs away and takes care of Kavya. Meanwhile, the thread goes from Kavya’s hand to Anupama’s hand. Kavya gets shocked seeing this. Returning home, Bo and Babu Ji tell Anupama that everyone laughs at her goodness. Babuji explains to Anupama that there is no dearth of his goodness. The thing is that the evil in the world has increased too much.

Vanraj said thank you to Anupama
Vanraj goes to the office to save Kavya and thanks Anupama. Hearing which Anupama says that she has helped a wife. She understands how important her fast is for a wife. Anupama tells Vanraj that no matter how Kavya is. But his love for you is no less.

Anupama applied medicine to Kavya’s feet
Kavya hurts her leg after her injury, and she calls Bo. But due to worship, Bo sends Anupama to Kavya’s room. Kavya tells Anupama that her leg is hurting a lot. Bring the balm After bringing the balm; Kavya tells Anupama to apply it on her feet as well. Anupama starts applying balm on Kavya’s feet, and meanwhile, Kavya takes Anupama’s picture and sends it to Rakhi Dave. Anupama tells Kavya that she will get more rest now as she has a picture of him pressing his leg. Seeing him, his pain will end.

Vanraj-Kavya debate
Vanraj comes from the office, and he starts doing office work. Seeing this, Kavya tells Vanraj, sitting near him, today his leg also got hurt. Hearing this, Vanraj goes to him and sits down. Then Kavya gets a call from the office, and she starts talking on the phone. Vanraj gets upset seeing this. As soon as the phone is cut, Vanraj gets up from Kavya’s side.

Vanraj asks Kavya to make lunch for her as she cannot eat sandwiches in the cafe. Kavya tells Vanraj that it is tough for her to work in the office and kitchen.


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