Anupama 28 June 2021 Written Update: Kinchal caught in Kavya’s trap, misbehaved with Anupama-Baa

Anupama 28 June 2021

Kavya has started her new trick in the show ‘Anupama.’ In which Kinchle is trapped. Kavya’s words had such an impact on Kinchal that she misbehaved with Bo and Anupama. Anupama is very sad seeing this. Know what will happen tonight in the latest episode of Anupama.

Full-on drama is seen in the show ‘Anupama.’ Everyone has started working in the house. At the same time, the maid Geeta has also been thrown out of the house. In such a situation, all the work has come to Anupama. Anupama does all her work. Jo leaves little to Kinchle, but Kavya provokes Kinchle and makes him feel that he is doing all the work. After which, the family members get to see a different form of Kinchal. Know what will happen in the latest episode of Anupama.

Kinchle’s work in the office increases. During this, Anupa’s brother Bhavesh calls and tells her that his mother’s health has deteriorated. Seeing this, Anupama decides that she will now take care of the entire household and not allow Kinchal to do the household chores. Bo-Babu Ji, Bo, Pakhi, and Samar also help Anupama. Anupama gets very emotional seeing this.

Vanraj came to help Anupama
As soon as she wakes up in the morning, the whole family gets involved in helping Anupama. Anupama cooks all the food. Meanwhile, Vanraj comes to the kitchen and asks if the mother is fine. Vanraj tells Anupama to let her know if she wants to take her mother to the doctor. Vanraj advises Anupama to take care of herself too. Vanraj finds Kavya standing as soon as he comes out of the kitchen. He tells Kavya that he is not his slave. So don’t control them.

Kavya filled Kinchle’s ears
On his way to the office, Kinchel asked Bo for his lunch. Bo asks Kinchle for his lunch and Toso’s lunch. Then Kavya tells Kinchal that Anupama left herself, but she was trapped. Kinch tells Kavya that she has not done any work today. Even everyone else helped him.

Kavya provokes Kinchal about Anupama
Anupama returns home in the evening and goes back due to her mother’s ill health. Anupama says babu and babu Ji that she will come home and cook. But Bo says she will order pizza. After Anupama’s death, Babu Ji says that she will get Rotis made from kinchal. Kinchal and Kavya also come home as soon as Anupama leaves. Bow tells Kinchle that he will order pizza, but you make two or four Rotis for Babuji. Kinchal gets upset hearing this. Kavya tells Bo that they have a meeting. On Bau’s insistence, Kinchle says yes to making roti.

While making roti in the kitchen, Baa starts taunting Kinchle. Bau tells Kinchle while making roti that she has been cooking with Anupama for so long. But I haven’t learned anything yet. Kinchle feels very bad after hearing this from Baa.

Baa asks Kinchle to make proof grains. When Kinchle makes it. Then Baa says that the proof grain is raw. Bow tells Kinchle that the food was wasted. Also, she says that feed this food to the cow. Kavya also stands there. She starts smiling, seeing Kinchal.

Bow tells Anupama that even after explaining this much, Kinchal has made the rotis thick. Anupama explains to Bo that Kinchle has never done such things before. At the same time, he is also burdened with office work. Then Anupama goes inside to get her ID card.

Kinchal brings tea to Bo while attending his office meeting. Just then, Bo looks at the tea and says that the tea was not cooked properly. Kinchle mutes the speaker of the phone and tells Bo that in the office meeting. Bow says that how will they know that there are earphones behind the hair. Kinchal tells Baa that she cooked for 10 minutes after pouring the milk. Bow says only when Anupama makes it. So it becomes equal.

Hearing this, Kinchle gets furious. Kinchle shouts at Bow and says that she is Kinchle and not Mummy. Kinchal tells Bow that she didn’t work, but she tries to work nonetheless. Anupama arrives in no time, which Kinchle doesn’t seem to know. Kinchal tells Bow that Mummy goes in the morning and then returns home in the evening. Because of which they get trapped. Ye Kinchal says that she is not Anupama. Just then, Kinchal sees that Anupama is standing behind him. Kavya comes and tells Kinchal that in two days, she came to Anupama from her mother.


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