Vignesh Shivan Nayanthara Marriage: Vignesh Shivan talks about his marriage with Nayanthara

Vignesh Shivan Nayanthara marriage

It has been rumored that Lady Superstar Nayanthara and director Vignesh Shivan have been in love for the past 5 years, and they will soon be getting married. At this point, when director Vignesh Shivan was talking to fans on his Instagram page when he and Nayanthara will get married? He Has opened his mind about this to his fans.

Asked about the marriage by a fan, Vignesh Shivan said, ‘Marriage is expensive, so we are currently raising money for it. He also said that the marriage would take place only after the COVID 19 problems are resolved.’

When asked what the secret of Nayanthara that no one knew was, he said, ‘she will wash all the dishes himself after dinner is over.

What was the first gift you gave to Nayanthara? He said ‘Thangame Song’? When asked what is your favorite place he said, “I like any place with Nayanthara.” Director Vignesh Sivan’s answers are currently going viral.


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