Anupama 30 June 2021 Written Update: Anupama’s heart was broken due to the behavior of daughter-in-law

Anupama 30 June 2021

Kavya has made her move in the show Anupama. Due to which a rift has started coming between Anupama and Kinchal. Roop, in return for Kinchal, has left the entire family by surprise. Know what will happen in tonight’s episode of Anupama.

These days in the show Anupama, because kinchal’s attitude is troubling the whole family. Kinchal’s mother, Rakhi Dave, comes to the house and creates many ruckuses because of working in the house. At the same time, she also threatens to send the entire family to jail. In such a situation, Anupama comes forward and asks Rakhi to end the conversation with Dave. Know what will happen in today’s latest episode.

Anupama replied to Rakhi Dev
Rakhi Dave gets furious about getting Kinchal to work in the house. Rakhi Dave threatens to send the entire family to jail. She also says that she will send Babu ji to jail. Hearing this, Anupama tells Rakhi Dave that whatever happened, she believes it should not have happened. Then Bo Rakhi explains to Dave how the whole family helps Kinchal. No one forces him to work. The whole family starts fighting over Kinchal’s work in the house.

Rakhi Dave misbehaved with the whole family
Rakhi Dave clashes with the entire family over Kinchal. Meanwhile, when Pakhi, Tosho, and Samar try to say something. So Rakhi Dave silences them too. Rakhi Dave says that the whole family is trying to surround her daughter. Everyone is just taking the side of Anupama. Slowly a fight breaks out in the whole family, and Anupama stands silently.

Anupama explained to the whole family
Anupama silences everyone and explains how Bo, Kinchle, and she are wrong and right. Anupama Rakhi tells Dave to end this matter here. Anupama tells the whole family that now no one will bother Kinchal. Also, no one will ask him to do any work. Anupama tells Kinchal that she will not let him become Anupama. Also, from now on, she will do all the work herself. Anupama promises Kinchal that she will never let him become Anupama.

Anupama’s broken heart
Kinchal’s words badly break Anupama. She goes to her room and cries, remembering the moments spent with Kinchal. Anupama remembers Kinchal’s words when she says that she does not want to be Anupama. Also, if compared to Anupama again and again, how will a daughter-in-law take her place in the house.

Vanraj warned Kavya
Seeing the whole family in this trouble, Vanraj explains to Kavya that if she does not help people, stop fighting. Vanraj explains to Kavya that he also wants his family to understand him. His children consider him a mother by the heart. But she does not do anything that she considers her good. Kavya tells Vanraj that she finds the problem of every problem the same.

Anupama explained to Baa
Anupama is making an alarm to get up early. Just then, Baa comes and talks to Anupama about whatever it is. Baa says that she admits that she gets angry very quickly, but Kinchel also responded to her. which was wrong. Anupama tells Baa what she is saying. Exactly but Kinchle is still learning. Baa explains how things had to be done in his time. Nowadays, even after all, there is no patience in the children. Anupama explains to Baa and makes up her mind to fix the relationship with Kinchal.


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