Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Host: Rana to replace Nagarjuna in the upcoming season

Bigg Boss Rana Daggubati

Telugu Big Boss reality show does not want any introduction to the Telugu people. The people of the Telugu states were very attracted to this show. Already four seasons are over. The organizers are preparing to launch the fifth season.

The popularity of the Bigg Boss show season in Telugu is increasing. While the fifth season ఇప్పటికే was already about to start, it was postponed due to the corona epidemic. However, it seems that the selection of contestants for this season has also reached the final stage.

It is known that Bigg Boss-4 ended in December last year. Provided good entertainment for those who were confined to their homes during the lockdown.

However, despite all the new faces in the last season .. Nagarjuna hosted the show Rakti Kattikattu. Meanwhile, shocking news regarding this fifth season show has come out. According to the latest information, Nagarjuna will not be hosting Bigg Boss for the fifth season and will be replaced by Tollywood young hero Rana Daggubati.

Nagarjuna, who has been the host for the last two seasons, has reportedly decided to stay away for the fifth season. With Nag’s departure, it seems that the Bigg Boss managers have approached several young heroes. Rana Daggubati was finalized in this order. Rana has previously hosted the show ‘Number One’ Arri. ‘

It is in that experience that Big Boss seems to have agreed to Season 5. However, from the beginning, much news has been leaked about these Telugu Bigg Boss shows. We will have to wait for the official announcement from the Bigg Boss managers to know if there is any truth in such news.


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