Anupama 1 July 2021 Written Update: Kavya is getting successful in her trick with Kinchal

Anupama 1 July 2021

Kavya is trying her best to take away Kinchal from Anupama. Provoking Kinchal to Kavya, she explains that there is only benefit in being a bad person. Vanraj is also very upset with Kavya’s antics. On the other hand, Anupama warns Kavya to stop her actions.

The full-on drama continues in the show Anupama. Kavya is trying her best to turn Kinchal against Anupama. In which she is also succeeding. Kavya takes Kinchle to dinner, and both return home late. The whole family gets angry seeing this. Kavya takes advantage of this opportunity and starts provoking Kinchal. Seeing this, Anupama has also warned Kavya. Know what will happen today in the latest episode of Anupama.

Anupama sent milk for Kinchal
Knowing that Kinchle will not eat food in anger, Anupama sends milk to Samar. Samar goes to Kinchal’s room with milk. Kinchle feels that he, too, has come to narrate her. But Samar says that he knows that she will not eat anything in anger. That’s why he has brought milk. Samar drinks milk to Kinchle and comes.

Samar-Babu Ji worried about kinchal Anupama
Samar comes back after giving milk and tells Anupama that Kinchal’s sister-in-law drank the milk. Anupama says that she will also make Kinchal’s favorite snack in the morning. Seeing this, Samar gets very sad. Babu Ji comes to Samar and says that soon everything will be fine between the two.

Didn’t eat crunchy food
Anupama wholeheartedly prepares breakfast for Kinchal as soon as the kinchle comes. There is a strange silence between Anupama and Kinchal. Kinchal sits at the dining table, and Anupama serves food for him. Kinchal gets a call from the office and leaves without having breakfast. Anupama sends breakfast for Kinchal at the hands of her daughter Sweety. Taking which she considers herself a kinchal.

Kavya made a party plan
On her way to the office, Kavya tells Kinchal that she has been working for a long time. He didn’t have any party of his own. Kavya offers to Kinchle that after work is over from the office, they will go for dinner, where he will also call his mother. On Kavya’s insistence, Kinchle also says yes.

Entire family upset due to kinchal
Anupama comes from the office with vegetables and sees that the whole family is sitting outside the house. Anumpa asks what happened? So Samar says that Kinchal has not come from the office yet, and her phone is also switched off. Vanraj tells that both Kavya and Kinchal’s phone is off. Then Kavya and Kinchal come. Vanraj asks both of them if they can’t tell by phone.

Kinchal flared up again
When Kinchle comes home after having dinner with Kavya, she gets angry when asked questions and answers. Kinchal starts narrating to the whole family that everyone started having so much trouble if she returned home late one day. Kinchal talks rudely in front of the whole family. Kinchal sees Anupama and says that she has also come late, but no one will tell her anything. Meanwhile, Samar says that she had gone to the hospital to meet her mother, and she had also told that she would come late. Kinchle walks away in anger.

Kavya provokes Kinchal
Kavya tells Kinchle how one day, if he gave himself time, everyone got furious. Kavya says that becoming a middle-class daughter-in-law means that the doorstep. Kinchle also agrees with Kavya’s words. Kavya tells Kinchal how Anupama did nothing even by being a good daughter-in-law. Kavya says that it is better to be bad than to be bad. Hearing this, Kinchle leaves without saying anything.

Vanraj requested Anupama
The whole family is troubled by Kinchal’s behavior. Seeing this, Vanraj tells Anupama that he cannot handle Kavya, and the whole family is already broken because of her. Vanraj requests Anupama to take care of Kinchal and not let him become another Kavya. Kavya gets irritated seeing Vanraj and Anupama talking together and starts taunting both of them.

Anupama explained to Kavya
Kavya accuses Anupama of instigating Vanraj against her. On hearing this, Anupama says that this work is yours. Anupama tells Kavya to stop provoking Kinchal against him. She is his daughter. Relationships will improve tomorrow, if not today. After Anupama, Vanraj also warns Kavya to stop doing tamasha.

Nandini shocked to know about Kinchal’s behavior
Samar informs Nandani about the change instead of Kinchal. Nandani gets shocked hearing this. Nandani tells Samar that all this is Kavya Aunty’s trick. She wants to take everyone away from Anupama. This is the reason why she is provoking Kinchle. Nandani warns Samar that Kavya will definitely do this. Nandani promises Samar that she will never fight with Anupama. Nandani Samar wishes that the distance between the two ends soon.

Anupama remembers moments spent with Kinchal
Anupama is sitting in the room looking at the picture of herself and Kinchal. Only then does he remember the moments spent with Kinchle. Anupama recalls how she used to live happily with Kinchal.


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