Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Elimination: This contestant will be the first to get evicted in second innings

BBK8 elimination week 2 3 july

The first elimination of the second innings of Kannada Bigg Boss Season 8 takes place this week. It is almost certain that one of the 12 contestants who spent a comfortable day at home will be leaving the house this week. There is a lot of talk on social media about who that contestant is.

Elimination hangings on Prashant Sambaragi, Chakravarti Chandrachud, Raghu Gowda, Nidhi Subbayya, Manju Pavagada, Divya Suresh, and Priyanka Thimmesh. Elimination does not apply to him as he is the captain this week. Thus, this week he is safe. Raghu Gowda and Divya Suresh play well and are appreciated by the contestants and the viewers. Thus, it isn’t very certain if he will go out.

For the rest, Nidhi and Prashant are entertaining viewers. Prashant, though sometimes acting as a stone heart, then speaks softly. For this reason, they are less likely to fall for the low vote. The way Chakravarthi Chandrachud behaved this week was not pleasing to many. It is said that one of the two Chakravarti or Priyanka Thimmesh can leave the house.

There was no elimination last week. All the contestants had just arrived a day after the Bigg Boss came home. Thus, it is not yet clear who performs and how. There was no elimination for this reason. However, the nomination list has continued this week.


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