Anupama 5th July 2021 Written Update: Samar’s birthday was celebrated and Anupama asked for a special gift for her son

Anupama 5 July 2021

In the show ‘Anupama,’ a surprise party is organized for Samar. Vanraj surprises everyone by gifting Samar a guitar, Kavya also does not stop her spectacle during this party. Know what will happen in the latest episode of the show ‘Anupama.’

In the show ‘Anupama,’ the preparations for Samar’s birthday are being done in full swing. The whole family is planning a surprise party for Samar. On the other hand, Samar understands that everyone is acting to forget his birthday. Know what will happen in the Anupama’s episode aired on 5th July 2021.

Samar flared up on Nandini
Everyone in the house is acting that they do not remember Samar’s birthday. In such a situation, when he goes to Nandani, Nandani also ignores him. Seeing this, Samar gets sad. Then Nandini’s leg twists, and she starts screaming. Just then, Samar comes, and he picks up Nandani and takes her to her house. Where Nandani surprises him, seeing this, Samar becomes very happy.

Vanraj ready for son’s party
Vanraj was getting ready for Samar’s birthday party. Just then, Kavya comes and says that she is looking perfect. Kavya asks Vanraj if he is getting ready for her. So Vanraj tells her that he is not getting ready for her. Then Kavya asks him what is going on in the house. What are people planning against him? Hearing this, Vanraj starts laughing and says, ” How much importance do you give yourself to Kavya. Vanraj tells Kavya if she wants to know what is happening. Then come down.

Nandani surprised Samar
Nandani keeps a surprise for Samar. Nandani shows them a glimpse of the friendship that started with Samar. Nandini also cuts a small cake with Samar. Seeing this, Samar becomes very happy. Samar tells Nandani that everyone is acting in his house that he doesn’t remember that today is his birthday. Samar says that he will also act after seeing their party.

The whole family dances on Chhote Tere Birthday for Samar. Kavya also dances and enjoys with the whole family. Meanwhile, Anupama gets emotional. Seeing this, Samar also gets very emotional. Anupama tells how she used to make her peaks some time back. Hearing this, the whole family starts laughing. Anupama says that the fruit of her good deeds is Samar.

Kavya insulted Vanraj in front of the family
Vanraj brings a cake for Samar. Then Kavya says that how she has brought the cake because there the employee gets a discount. Also, Kavya says that Vanraj does not even have a big salary package. Hearing this, Vanraj’s sister Dolly also gives a befitting reply to Kavya and explains that she should respect her husband in front of the family members. Of course, his salary is big, but his heart and things are tiny. Hearing this, Anupama explains to Dolly and Kavya that today is her son’s birthday. So don’t do all this.

Vanraj’s special gift for Samar
Everyone brings Samar his gifts. Seeing whom Samar becomes very happy. Just then, Vanraj moves towards Samar with a guitar in his hand and gifts him that guitar. Seeing this, Samar becomes very happy, and the whole family gets emotional. Vanraj asks Samar if he liked the guitar. So Samar says yes.

Anupama asked for Samar’s gift from Baa
After everyone is gifted, Anupama tells Samar that she had brought a gift for him after looking for a big one. Who won’t give it to her anymore? When Samar asks the reason for this, Anupama says that her gift is with Bo. Who can give? Anupama goes to Bo and asks her to bless Samar and Nandani’s relationship. Hearing this, the family gets shocked and upset.


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