Anupama 6th July 2021 Written Update: Kavya-Vanraj becomes unemployed, Anupama took another step on the path of progress

Anupama 6 July 2021

On Samar’s birthday, Baa gives him and Nandini a gift, making the whole family happy. On the other hand, seeing Vanraj close to the family, Kavya cannot control her anger. Know what will happen tonight in the latest episode of Anupama.

Samar’s birthday was celebrated with great pomp in the show Anupama. During this, Anupama also asked Bo for a special gift for Samar. Bo also agrees to the engagement of Nandani and Samar to the surprise of the whole family. Seeing this, Kavya gets very angry. At the same time, she tries to know the things that happened between Samar and Vanraj. Because of which he has to face the anger of Vanaraja. Know what will happen in tonight’s episode of ‘Anupama.’

Baa got Samar-Nandani engaged
On Samar’s birthday, Anupama wanted her son Samar to be her favorite gift. Thinking this, Anupama asks Bo to bless Samar and Nandani for their marriage. But as soon as Baa hears this, she gets angry with the party and leaves. Seeing this, Anupama gets very sad and starts crying. Anupama apologizes to Samar and her family members present at the party for spoiling the party. Just then, Baa brings the ring and surprises everyone. Bow says that when the children’s happiness is in this, then it is fine for them. Also, Bow praises Samar and Nandani for how they obeyed the elders and did not insist till now.

Vanraj also approved Samar-Nandani’s relationship
Bo permits Nandani and Samar’s wedding. Then Anupama looks at Vanraj and waits for his decision. Vanraj then says that Bow is absolutely right that he has seen what happens in a compulsive relationship. It is said that when the shoe of the father’s foot starts coming on the feet of the son, then he should be made a friend. Vanraj further says that he could not make Samar a friend, but he too has no problem with their relationship. Hearing this, the whole family becomes happy.

Kavya expressed anger
Anupama asks Kavya if she is happy with this relationship. Then Kavya says that everyone had a lot of trouble for some time because of Nandini becoming a mother. Then how suddenly, everyone changed their mind. Kavya asks the family members why they are not able to adopt her. Then Babu Ji says that if he takes off his glasses of anger and separates him, everything will look fine. Kavya finally agrees to Samar-Nandani’s marriage.

Anupama told Kavya the importance of children
Anupama takes the cake to Kavya. But Kavya refuses to eat. Kavya taunts Anupama that she ordered a cake from her husband. Whereas earlier she herself used to make it at home to save money. Anupama explains to Kavya that nothing is seen before the happiness of children. Also, how after becoming a mother, all the happiness gets absorbed in the children only.

Vanraj gave another gift to Samar
Samar Nandani is spending time with each other. Then Vanraj comes. Nandani leaves to see Vanraj. Then Vanraj tells Samar that he got the policy done on his first birthday, which has matured. Samar tells Vanraj that he will pay for Anupama’s treatment with this money. He also says that he wants to build a house for Anupama. They will be entitled, where she can live happily. Hearing this, Vanraj tells Samar that he has grown up. Kavya gets furious when she sees Samar and Vanraj talking together.

Kavya asks Samar what he and Vanraj were talking about. Samar gets irritated after hearing this and says, why should I tell and stop jealous of father and son. Hearing this, Kavya gets angry. Then Kavya asks Vanraj about this, then Vanraj says that Anupama has not asked him what he talks about with the children to date. So why are you asking? Kavya tells Vanraj that she gave money to Samar. Vanraj would tell that his policy had matured, which has been given to him. Hearing this, Kavya starts getting angry with Vanraj. And Vanraj warns Kavya that today is his son’s birthday. If he did a spectacle, it wouldn’t hurt him.

Kinchal is talking to her boss and starts talking about the preparations for the meeting. Just then, Anupama sees Kinchal upset and says that both things are handled very well by the women. Agreeing with Anupama’s words with Babu Ji, she says that the working women’s day should also be celebrated and women should be respected.

Just then, Vanraj comes and says that the idea that Babuji and Anupama have given him will be shared with his friend today. Kavya laughs after listening to Anupama’s idea and says that she will run her own cafe with the idea of ​​the 12th pass. Vanraj gets furious on hearing this and says that if he has any idea, then give it. Hearing this, Kavya says that she has a lot of work to do.


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