Anupama 17 July 2021 Written Update: Anupama and Kavya will be patched up

Anupama 17 July 2021

TV industry’s famous show Anupama is becoming the favorite of the audience every day. New twists are coming in this show, one after the other, entertaining the audience a lot. At this time, Kavya has lost her job in the show. At the same time, Anupama is busy setting up new things in her dance academy.

On the other hand, Vanraj Shah has also opened a cafe in the Academy of Anupama Dance. Today’s episode will see the grand opening of Anupama’s Dance Academy and Vanraj’s Leela Cafe. Meanwhile, Kavya will not deter her antics and will taunt the family members fiercely.

Kavya will also be a part of the grand opening of Anupama’s Dance Academy and Vanraj’s Cafe. In the show, Kavya will create a ruckus about the cafe’s menu in front of all the family members. But all the family members give a befitting reply to the words of poetry. In such a situation, Anupama also handles everything intelligently once again. Kavya repeatedly says that no one will come to this cafe because its menu is not right.

Kavya puts her point in front of everyone and says that the hope of running these two businesses is very less. Kavya says that if both these businesses do not work, you have to be prepared mentally. Anupama agrees with Kavya. Babuji says that if one works with all his heart, then there is hope. Then Anupama says that Kavya’s advice is correct. Dreams look to the sky, but feet should remain on the ground.

Apart from Kavya, Kinjal’s mother, Rakhi Dave, is also trying her best to instigate Paritosh against his family members. How will all the family members react to Anupama and Kavya’s patch-up in today’s upcoming episode? It will be exciting to see this.


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