Anupama 19 July 2021 Written Update: Kavya did a lot of spectacle even on the opening day of the cafe, challenged Anupama-Vanraj

Anupama 19 July 2021 Written Update

The show will see the inauguration of a cafe and dance academy at Anupama. Anupama and Vanraj are very excited about their new journey. Meanwhile, Kavya’s spectacle is seen in the cafe. Because of which the first customer who came to Vanraj’s cafe leaves without eating anything. The whole family gets sad seeing this. Know what will happen tonight in the latest episode of the show ‘Anupama.’

Anupama and Vanraj are about to start their new work. Where on the one hand, Anupama has opened her dance academy. On the other hand, Vanraj has opened a cafe. Both are very excited about their work. On the other hand, Kavya is not at all happy with this decision of Vanraj. This is why even on the opening day, Kavya does not lag in making a spectacle. Know what will happen tonight in the latest episode of Anupama.

Dance Academy and Cafe inaugurated
Anupama’s Dance Academy and Vanraj’s Cafe are inaugurated. Bao and Babuji cut the ribbon. Summer breaks the coconut. Vanraj’s sister likes their cafe very much. The entire family is overjoyed with the new beginnings of Anumpa and Vanraj.

Rakhi Dave advised Tosho to separate from the family
Rakhi explains to Dave Tosho how her father’s cafe is a thread for her. Rakhi tells Dave Tosho that it matters a lot what his father does. Tomorrow he will be able to tell his friends that his father sells sandwiches in the cafe. Rakhi tells Tosho to think before his wife becomes a waiter at Kinchal Cafe.

The distance between Anupama’s mother and Vanraj ended
Anupama’s mother is angry with Vanraj after Vanraj’s marriage to Kavya. There is a distance between the two. Anupama’s mother, who came to see the cafe, does not talk to Vanraj. On the inauguration day, Anupama’s brother Bhavesh brings pickles and spices ground by mother’s hands for Navraj. Seeing this, Vanraj becomes very happy. Vanraj tells Bhavesh and Anupama’s mother that he did so much wrong to them. But still, he joined in her happiness. Vanraj tells Anupama’s mother that she is exactly like him.

Anupama’s mother tells Vanraj that she was angry, but when she came here and saw Anupama, she saw that she had nothing in her heart about you. Seeing the same, she is not angry with Vanraj.

Baa and Babuji very happy
Bao and Babuji are overjoyed with Anupama’s Dance Academy and Vanraj’s Cafe opening. Babu Ji says that Vanraj used to come to the factory holding his finger earlier, but he will run it himself from now on. At the same time, Bo is also pleased to become a working woman. She tells Babuji that she never thought she would go out and work, but Anupama did everything. At the same time, Babu Ji also justifies Ba’s point and says that now his son will fulfill his dream.

Rakhi Dave targeted Kavya
Rakhi Dave does not deter her from her antics. Seeing Kavya alone, she goes to him and taunts her for not having a job. Rakhi tells Kavya that she will not have to find a job as she can do many things in the cafe. Such as taking orders, cutting vegetables, and washing dishes. Rakhi Dave also tells Kavya to become Anupama’s assistant.

Hearing this, Kavya gets furious. But Rakhi Dave still does not stop and says that Vanraj and Anupama will be together for the whole day. Like earlier, she used to live with Vanraj, and Anupama used to stay at home. Then Kavya Rakhi advises Dave to pay more attention to her daughter Kinchal than her. Rakhi Dave gets very angry seeing Kinchal cleaning the cafe.

Anupama saddened by daughter’s behavior
Seeing Pakhi standing alone, Anupama goes to her. Anupama goes to her daughter and asks her how the cafe was? Pakhi says that the cafe is small but cute. While Anupama asks Pakhi how she liked the dance academy, Pakhi says that it is fine. Anupama tells Pakhi that whenever she wants to dance, she can come here. Hearing this, Pakhi angrily responds to the mother. Seeing this, Nandani and Samar go to explain to Pakhi.

Samar-Nandani arrived to convince Pakhi
Samar and Nandani go to Pakhi and explain to her that she is behaving badly with her mother. Just then, Nandani also reminds Pakhi how Kavya had treated her. At the same time, Nandani and Samar also remind Pakhi that Kavya tried to provoke Kinchal. She was bitwise; she understood. Kavya hears this and gets angry, and starts shouting at Samar-Nandani.

Kavya did a spectacle in the cafe
Kavya shouts at Nandani-Samar. Kavya gets angry in front of the entire cafe. Nandani and Samar are asked not to accuse her wrongly. Anupama intervenes and tries to settle the fight, but Kavya starts shouting louder and louder. A customer comes inside the cafe, but after seeing the fight, he goes back. Then he leaves. The whole family gets sad seeing this.

Anupama became the first customer of Vanraj’s cafe
Anupama herself becomes the first customer after seeing the entire family unhappy with the departure of the first customer. She orders a masala chai. Vanraj brings masala tea for Anupama. Anupama says that her cafe’s masala chai is delicious, absolutely at home as soon as she drinks.


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