Anupama 20 July 2021 Written Update: Vanraj is starting to worry about the cafe

Anupama 20 July 2021

Vanraj has opened his cafe, and Anupama has opened her dance academy. On the very first day, there is a crowd of children for admission to Anupama. At the same time, Vanraj’s cafe remains empty. Seeing this, Kavya gets very angry. Know what will happen tonight in the latest episode of the show ‘Anupama.’

A new track is being given in the show ‘Anupama.’ Anupama and Vanraj have started their recent work. Where on the one hand, Anupama has started her dance academy. On the other hand, Vanraj has opened a cafe. Both the dance academy and the cafe are very excited on the very first day of opening. At the same time, Kavya keeps her face as usual. Know what will happen tonight in the latest episode of the show Anupama.

Admission done in Anupama’s Dance Academy
On the very first day of the opening of Anupama’s Dance Academy, many children come to her for admission. Anupama advises the parents of the children to sit in the cafe and drink tea, coffee, but the parents of the children refuse to go. Seeing this, Vanraj Anupama gives a small smile. On the other hand, Kavya provokes Vanraj and says that many children have come to Anupama for admission. If she wanted, she could send people to the cafe. Vanraj tries to convince Kavya. But she doesn’t understand.

Kinchle got furious over shifting the house
Kinchal is upset over the lack of customers at Vanraj’s cafe. But Tosho wants to talk to Kinchle about shifting the house without worrying about it. Hearing this, Kinchal gets angry. Kinchal tells Tosho that she is already upset because of the cafe. Just then, Tosh receives a call from the office. On his way to the office, Tosho asks Kinchal to come back and talk about shifting home.

Anupama’s great idea
Kavya gets furious, seeing no one coming to the cafe. Kavya tells everyone that in 2 hours, it will be time to close the cafe. In such a situation, it is better to pack everything and close it than wasting time. Anupama interrupts Kavya and advises her to say auspicious. When Anupama gets the idea that if the cafe is full, then people will think that the cafe is good. Anupama advises the whole family to sit in different places. Baa cannot understand Anupama’s idea.

Then Vanraj understands that when there is a gol gappa shop outside the temple. So we always go to him. Where is the crowd the most? Hearing this, Bo gets impressed and taunts and says that a marketing degree comes from the mind.

Kinchal changed the name of Kavya
A lot of time passes by sitting in the cafe, but no one comes. Then Kavya says that no one will come to the cafe. Kavya argues with Bo that if even a single customer comes to the cafe, change his name. Just then, a couple comes to the cafe saying ‘Leela Ka Cafe.’ Seeing this, the whole family becomes thrilled. Kinchal takes a jibe at Kavya and says, what is the name of Champakali. Hearing this, she gets irritated.

Customer ordered keto burger
Customers visit the cafe to order a keto burger, but the chef doesn’t know how to make a keto burger. Vanraj asks Kavya if she knows how to make a keto burger. Then the customers get up to leave. Seeing this, Anupama comes and stops them and says that the burger will be done in 5 minutes. Hearing this, the customers sit back on the seat.

Keto Burger magic on the customer
Anupama goes to the cafe’s kitchen and starts making keto burgers. Seeing this, Vanraj asks Anupama if he knows how to make Keto Burgers. Anupama says that on Pakhi’s birthday, she made a keto burger for some of her friends. Kavya taunts Anupama and tells her not to make Dhokla. To make a keto burger. Anupama makes burgers, and Vanraj serves them to his first customer. After eating, the customer praises the burger very much. Also, the customer asks to pack six burgers. Customers describe Anupama as the best chef and say that they will also invite their friends to come to this cafe.

Vanraj-Anupama became friends
Seeing the customer happy, everyone praises Anupama a lot. Kavya gets irritated seeing this. Kavya says, let’s close the shop and go. Hearing this, Babuji advises Kavya to keep good things on Zumba. On the other hand, Vanraj asks Anupama about her first day’s earnings. Vanraj proposes friendship to Anupama. Anupama would also raise her hand and make friends. After 25 years of becoming friends, Vanraj and Anupama start laughing.

Pakhi-Samar fight
The following day everyone gets busy with their work. Anupama is packing food for everyone. Just then, Pakhi comes and asks Bo to have breakfast. Then Samar gets furious and invites himself to cook food. Samar and Pakhi start fighting. Then Bow silences both of them and says that Kinchle’s meeting is going on. Just then, Kavya comes to Pakhi and asks her to cook food for him.

Babuji wore his old uniform
Babuji has tightened his waist to go to the cafe. He comes wearing his old uniform. The whole family becomes thrilled seeing this. Babuji says that he thought that Leela must have bought utensils by giving clothes. But once again, he got a chance to wear it. Everyone gets emotional seeing him in uniform.

Kinchal saddened by Tosho’s behavior
Everyone gets ready to go to the cafe. Kinchal also tells Vanraj that she will come to the cafe after office. Just then, Tosho’s call comes. He says that in the evening, he has to run to Mom’s house for dinner. Kinchle says that she has to go to the cafe in the evening. Tosho angrily says that you will go there and serve coffee to the people; hearing this, Kinchle gets furious. She tells Vanraj to go to his mother’s house for dinner in the evening. Vanraj also laughs and says that yes, enjoy.

Kavya refuses to go to the cafe
Vanraj asks Kavya to go to the cafe, but Kavya refuses. Kavya says that she cannot go to the cafe every day. Vanraj says that he is not taking her to the cafe to get the work done. Kavya taunts Anupama after hearing this. Kavya says that Anupama is there to take care of anything in the kitchen anyway.


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