Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Vote for fourth elimination: Five contestants nominated this week

BBK8 Voting

Three contestants have already been eliminated in the second inning of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8. Nidhi Subbaiah, Raghu Gowda, and Priyanka Thimmesh have walked out of the house. The nomination process for this week’s elimination is now over. A total of five are nominated this week. Surprisingly, even though Manju was nominated he was saved by the captain.

Five nominated this week.
Bigg Boss made the nomination different this week. Contestants had to come along and write their nominations on the card in the activity area. It also had to be given a valid reason for being nominated. Finally, Manju Paavagada, Prashant Sambaragi, Shamant, Shubha Poonja, and Divya Uruguda were nominated. Since Chakravarthi Chandrachud was nominated earlier, a total of five people have been nominated.

Divya Suresh was the house captain, and Bigg Boss gave her the power to save one nomination. Using it, Manju Paavagada, Prashant Sambaragi, Shamant, Shubha, and Divya Uruguda could be saved. Then Divya said, ‘Manju.’ That leaves Manju from this week’s nomination. Finally, Prashant, Shamanth, Shubha, Divya Uruguda, and Chakraborty are nominated.

BBK8 Nomination this week for elimination

  • Emperor Chandrachud: Shamant & Shubha Poonja
  • Divya Urudu: Manju Paavagada & Prashant Sambaragi
  • Manju Pavagada: Arvind & Vaishnavi Gowda
  • Arvind: Manju Pavagada & Prashant Sambaragi
  • Prashant Sambaragi: Shubha Poonja & Divya Uruguda
  • Vaishnavi Gowda: Manju Pavagada & Shamant
  • Shubha Poonja: Prashant Sambaragi & Shamant
  • Shamant: Shubha Poonja & Divya Uruguda

Bigg Boss Kannada Vote through Voot App

Step 1: Download Voot Mobile Application (If You Don’t Have Already) From Google Play Store.
Step 2: Go To Google Play Store & Search Voot.
Step 3: Download the First Application (Voot Application) Shown.
Step 4: Open the Voot Application.
Step 5: Create An Account Or Sign In With an E-mail ID, Phone Number, Or Social Media Quick login.
Step 6: Write Bigg Boss Kannada Vote In Search Bar.
Step 7: Nominated Contestants Will Be Shown There With Pictures.
Step 8: You will get 50 votes per day till Saturday midnight. You can either cast those votes to one person or divide them among the nominated contestants.
Step 9: Select Your Favorite Contestant and Hit The Submit Button.
Step 10: Done, Your Vote Has Submitted.

Bigg Boss Kannada Vote Through Voot Website

Step 1
: To vote online, you need to go to
Step 2: Signup, By Filling A Form or Use Quick Method Of Signing Up Through Google or Facebook.
Step 3:  Search Bigg Boss Kannada.
Step 4:  You will see the housemate’s pictures.
Step5:  Choose any of them and cast a vote.


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