Anupama 24 July 2021 Written Update: Anupama took the decision to remove Kavya and Vanraj from the house

Anupama 24 July 2021

Rakhi Dave enters Vanraj’s house and creates a lot of spectacles. On the other hand, Kavya, along with Rakhi Dave, questions Anupama’s character. Due to which Anupama makes a shocking decision. After which, Kavya’s tone changes. Know about the latest episode of Anupama Show.

Kavya has a lot of trouble with Vanraj’s cafe opening in Anupama’s dance class. In such a situation, Kavya and Rakhi Dave keep questioning Anupama’s character. Seeing Vanraj and Anupama distributing pamphlets on the streets, she gets furious and comes home and creates a spectacle. Amidst which Anupama makes a big decision. Know what will happen in the latest episode of the show Anupama.

Tosho also spoke against the family
After Rakhi Dave, Tosho also tells Vanraj that he is also ashamed that Fatirch is part of the family. Anupama says that her family is working hard, so feeling ashamed. Vanraj tells Toso that he didn’t have to take the help of his mother-in-law at least. Hearing this, Anupama tells Rakhi Dev to go, but Kavya says that she cannot end the conversation like this. Rakhi Dave blames Anupama for giving the idea to Vanraj. Rakhi Dave tells Anupama not to try to be a businesswoman.

Questions raised on Anupama-Vanraj’s friendship
Rakhi also questions Dave Vanraj and Anupama’s friendship. Rakhi Dave says that a boy and a girl can be friends, but ex-wife and ex-husband cannot be friends. Kavya also calls Anupama on. At the same time, when Babuji also silences Kavya, Rakhi Dave tells about talking about their insolence with Babuji. Hearing this, Anupama says that show it. Rakhi taunts Anupama about Dave Vanraj. It also makes several serious allegations. Kavya also says that knowing that she lives with Vanraj so that he can steal it from her.

Baa explained to Kavya and Rakhi Dave
After listening to Kavya, Bo explains that he gives what he has. Bow explains to Kavya and Rakhi that just as Rakhi Dave has poison and has less brain, he can only do so much. Bow warns Kavya and Rakhi Dave that she will play sitar under both of their ears if they ever question Anupama again. Rakhi tells Dave that she should not start begging her daughter, so she comes to their house. Hearing this, Anupama and Vanraj speak together. On which Rakhi Dave then questions the relationship between the two.

Anupama told the woman the enemy of the woman
Rakhi Dave talks about Anupama and Vanraj’s tuning. Rakhi Dave says two women in Vanraj’s life, and there are two even today. There is a lot of ruckus between Rakhi Dave and Anupama. Rakhi threatens to sue Dave Bo. Then Anupama says that a woman’s enemy is a woman. If she were crying after divorce, no one would have bothered. Today she is happy. She has no complaints with her ex-husband; she has moved on in her life. So everyone has started questioning his character.

Anupama asked Kavya-Vanraj to leave the house
Anupama decides that she will end Kavya and Vanraj’s troubles forever. Anupama asks Kavya if she has a problem with her stay in the house. Kavya tells Anupama that she has a problem with the cafe too. Then Anupama says that then he should tie the same and leave. Anupama asks Kavya and Vanraj to leave the house. At the same time, Anupama says that her name is written on the cafe papers just for work.

Anupama troubled by questions arising on character
When Baa tells Anupama what she is doing. She then says that she is tired of Kavya and Rakhi Dave’s taunts and always has to get a character certificate. Kavya’s tone changes after hearing about leaving home. She says how she will survive when she does not have a job and a house. Anupama says that it is not her problem.

Anupama realized Vanraj’s mistake
Vanraj is shocked by Anupama’s decision. He says that he has not said anything. Then Anupama says that it is her fault that she remains silent even when the time comes. Neither could he silence his wife Kavya, nor could he explain his wealth. Then Kavya joins hands in front of Anupama that she and Vanraj have neither when nor home. So where will they go? Then Anupama says how did everyone feel in her poetry.

Anupama says that everyone had a problem with her goodness. Anupama warns Kavya that if she becomes Kavya, there will be trouble for her too, and if she points fingers at her character, she will show what she has said today.


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