Anupama 26 July 2021 Written Update: Rakhi Dave plans to shut down Vanraj’s cafe

Anupama 26 July 2021

Anupama has decided to stay away from Vanraj, and his cafe after questions were raised on his character. Vanraj is very upset with the behavior of Anupama. At the same time, something happens in the cafe that Vanraj is unable to do anything. Know what will happen in the show ‘Anupama’ on Monday, i.e., tonight.

After Rakhi Dave’s high voltage ruckus, Anupama and her family have turned sour. Where earlier Pakhi was angry with Anupama. At the same time, Toshho is also angry with Anupama. Anupama has decided that she will stay away from Vanraj and the cafe. Vanraj gets very upset when he leaves the cafe in the middle, but Kavya encourages him that she will take care of everything. Know what will happen in tonight’s show ‘Anupama.’

Tosho angry with Anupama
Anupama goes to the kitchen and sees Kavya standing in the kitchen and leaves. Then she gets stunned by Vanraj. Everyone is having breakfast at the dinner table. Then Mama Ji says that he will go to the cafe and make all the preparations. Bo asks Tosho when will Kinchle come. Tosho says that she wanted to come earlier, but she asked him to stop with her mom. Anupama says yes so that her mom can make her understand how important it is to stay in Pant House. Hearing this, Toso angrily leaves the breakfast and leaves.

Anupama distances from Vanraj and Cafe
Baa asks Anupama to go to the cafe and teach a recipe. But Anupama refuses to go to the cafe. She tells Vanraj that she has a dance class. From now on, she will focus only on her dance class. Vanraj tells Anupama that he had given the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčopening the cafe and the place. Anupama says that the entire family is with her to take care of her cafe. Hearing this, Kavya taunts and says that life does not stop when someone leaves. She is with him. Just then, Anupama gets a call from Mama and tells them that many customers have come as soon as she comes to the cafe.

Mama calls Vanraj and says that the girl who went after eating Keto Burger. She has come again and wants to feed the same to her friends. The chef says that the girl wants to eat a burger made by Anupama madam.

Anupama’s dream will come true
Anupama recounts the beautiful moments she spends with her and realizes how the whole family supports her. Only then she comes out of her dreams and starts living in the reality of her world again. On the other hand, the girl gets furious for not making a keto burger in the cafe. She tells Vanraj and Kavya that she has many followers on social media, she will give a negative review to Kaif will be closed.

Kavya was insulted by the girl who came to the Cafe
Anupama does not come to the cafe and talks with her mother on the phone. On the other hand, the girl and her friends are on their way to the cafe when Bo Kito brings a plate full of burgers. The girl gets shocked seeing what she sees. Bo says that they were doing pranks. The girl tastes the burger and praises her a lot. Vanraj Anupama says thank you in a low voice. Kavya listens and says, why was she doing so much drama in the house when the burger had to be made and given. The girl calls Kavya aunty and asks the staff to remove her by being rude.

Anupama taught Baa to make Keto Burgers
Vanraj goes to Baa and asks where Anupama is. Then Baa tells that after the fight, Anupama takes them to the kitchen. Bow tells Anupama that the girl who comes to the cafe to eat a keto burger. He really liked the burger. Do you know that he will also come with his friends? Anupama teaches Baa to make the same burger. Bow tells Vanraj that after making it five times, it tastes like that. Hearing this, Kavya gets irritated and says that Anupama became a heroine even though she did not come.

Babuji advised Kavya and Vanraj
Babuji explains to Vanraj and Kavya that their daughter Anupama was angry. Despite this, he did not give up his goodness. Kavya starts laughing at Babuji’s words. Babuji tells Kavya that she is laughing at Anupama’s goodness. Babuji said yesterday, Anupama showed a trailer. Don’t force him to show the whole movie. Babu Ji explains how people start explaining steps to a straight person.

Samar said thank you to mother Anupama
Samar takes juice to Anupama and says thank you for proving her wrong. Samar says that he doesn’t know if anything will ever be right between him and his father, Vanraj. But that father will always support him to help Vanraj. Anupama explains to Samar that he should try to be better every day. Then Anupama is told to go to the cafe and go to Bo.

Vanraj then asks Anupama to go after drinking tea. Kavya does not like this and tells Anupama that she should eat cookies so that some favors can be lost. Anupama advises Kavya that she should say something nice sometime.

Rakhi Dave’s new trick
An argument ensues between Kavya and Anupam. Then Rakhi Dave comes. The whole family gets shocked and upset seeing Rakhi Dave in the cafe. Vanraj Rakhi goes to Dave and says that she did not fill her mind with the spectacle in the house, which she went to the cafe. Rakhi Dave gets impressed seeing the crowd at the cafe. Kavya says that he and Vanraj have done a lot of marketing of the cafe. Just then, Rakhi Dave starts picking up people from some tables. Rakhi tells Dave that these were her people. Rakhi Dave has now brought her new plan. In which that, Vanraj and she wants to destroy Anupama’s family.


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