Anupama 28 July 2021 Written Update: Kavya took all the credit for making Vanraj’s cafe

Anupama 28 July 2021 Written Update

It’s a big day for Vanraj’s Cafe. Food critic Mansi Jain comes to his cafe. To make him happy, Vanraj, Anupama, and their entire family work hard. Kavya takes all the credit for her. Know what will happen tonight in the show ‘Anupama.’

Vanraj is very excited about his cafe. At the same time, she is also distraught after hearing the news of Mansi Jain’s arrival in the cafe. Anupama refuses to come to the cafe because of Kavya’s antics. On the other hand, Mansi Jain orders Anupama’s dish first as soon as she arrives. Hearing this, the whole family gets upset. Know what will happen next tonight in ‘Anupama’ Shay.

Family shocked to see Anupama in cafe
Everyone is shocked to see Anupama helping out at the cafe. Kavya feels that Vanraj has called Anupama. Kavya taunts Anupama. Just then, Vanraj says that he didn’t call Anupama; Kavya looks at Bao, Babuji, and Mamaji. Everyone believes that he did not call Anupama. Then Anupama tells them that her son Samar has called her.

Samar helped father Vanraj
Samar makes Anupama understand that today is a big day for the cafe. Samar makes Anupama understand that the critic can write anything. Good or bad about cafes, but millions of people will read that article. Samar tells how bad he feels seeing Vanraj in trouble. Then Anupama says that what she taught her son. She herself forgot. Anupama goes to the cafe to help Vanraj.

Anupama took money to help
After listening to Anupama, Vanraj looks at Samar with the eyes of love. Anupama says that she has come only to help in the cafe for her son. Kavya thanks Anupama for coming and asks her to work in the kitchen. Then Anupama says that she will take 500 rupees for every hour she works. Kavya gets furious on hearing this. Then Anupama says that when she fights with him. She doesn’t feel bad then, but when she takes help from him.

Then he feels worse than her. So now professional help will help. Kavya tells Anupama how dare she? Kavya takes Vanraj’s purse and gives him money. Anupama tells Kavya that she will take money in the account. Will not take cash. Then transfer the money to the bank.

Baa said thank you to Anupama
Anupama prepares food on her way to the cafe’s kitchen. Just then, Bow comes and thanks Anupama for coming. Anupama apologizes to Bo for taking money from her son. Bo says that it is good that she took the money because nowadays, those who work for free are not respected. Anupama says but this will not happen again and again.

Kavya praises herself in front of Mansi Jain
Kavya goes to food critic Mansi Jain and says that her name is Kavya Vanraj Shah. He and Vanraj together run the cafe. Kavya says that he did not want to open a typical cafe. He wanted to open a cafe where people would feel at home. Kavya says that she herself tastes any dish before serving it. The whole family gets shocked hearing Kavya’s words.

Kavya pretends to be good
Mansi comes to Baa’s Friends Cafe while talking to Jain. Kavya starts making mouth on seeing them, but she tells Mansi Jain how well senior citizens are welcomed in the cafe. Bo’s friend gets shocked seeing Kavya.

Kavya’s bad behavior with customers
Kavya Mansi serves the food prepared by Anupama to Jain. Also, Kavya says that this food is a special dish of her cafe. Then the children sitting on the chair in front of Kavya order the dish served to Mansi Jain from Kavya. Kavya says it is for special guests; they should order something else. Seeing this, both those children say how rude she is. Bo also gets angry seeing this. Then Anupama brings that dish for the children too. The children become happy seeing that.

Baa’s friend in the cafe talks a lot with her while drinking coffee. Then her friend asks who is the woman in front of whom Kavya is walking behind. Baa says that she is a food critic. Who will write about the cafe after eating cafe food? Bow says that if Anupama has cooked the food, it will be good. Does her friend ask that Anupama is still helping Vanraj? No one else would have done it. Baa says she is Anupama. When her friends ask about her new daughter-in-law, Baa says that she is also fine but not like Anupama.

Baa’s friends made a special demand from Vanraj
Just then, Vanraj passes by Bow’s table, and Bo’s friends call him by their household name. Hearing this, Anupama laughs. Bow’s friends ask Vanraj to sing something. Vanraj starts making excuses. Just then, Kavya comes and asks Vanraj to sing a song. At the same time, Kavya asks if her special guest will also like her song.

Vanraj changed the atmosphere of the cafe by singing a song
Vanraj asks Samar to get the guitar. Samar plays the guitar, and Vanraj sings the song Chand Jab Aaye on the blue-blue amber. Everyone sitting in the cafe enjoys the song of Vanraj. Samar and Anupama also dance to Vanraj’s song. Babuji also dances a lot with Anupama. Slowly the people sitting in the cafe also start dancing. Mansi Jain notices the atmosphere of the cafe.

As the owner, Kavya, got the picture clicked with Vanraj
Mansi Jain says to click on the photo of the owner before leaving the cafe. She is. Then Kavya comes and stands with Vanraj and starts clicking photos. Vanraj tells Kavya to call Baa and Babuji, but she refuses. Vanraj tells Mansi Jain that he hopes that he likes the service of their cafe. Mansi Jain says that she will get to know them tomorrow.

Kavya took full credit
After Mansi Jain, Kavya herself takes all the credit. She tells Vanraj that she knows that Mansi Jain must have been impressed by her words. Vanraj says that he had come to test his food and not his words. Kavya says that good behavior also sells useless things. So Bo says that if it had to be made useless, she would have cooked the food herself. Babuji tells Kavya that then why did she call Anupama? Kavya then leaves from there.

Vanraj said thank you to Anupama for helping
Anupama is leaving. Then Vanraj goes to her and thanks to her for helping. Anupama says that she has taken the money. Vanraj says that he knows that he has taken the money so that someone feels that he has helped. Also, Vanraj says that he is glad that his son Samar has not visited him. Vanraj asks Anupama to pray for a review of the cafe. Anupama says that she prays for everyone every day.


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