Indian Ido 12 Winner: Sayli Kamble may win over Arunita Kanjilal as her fans are supporting in Indian Idol Sonyliv and Firstcry voting polls

Arunita Kanjilal Indian Idol 12 winner

The finale of the singing reality shows Indian Idol 12 is on August 15, and this day, one of the season’s 6 finalists will become the winner. There are three girls and three boys in the finale. The crown of victory will adorn the head of any one of these. In this special report, we tell you why Sayli Kamble, popularly known as ‘Bharat Ki Beti,’ is a strong contender for victory in the season. Know how she can make the rest of the contestants drink water in the finale.

Sayali Kamble is rich in a very melodious voice. Based on voice, she has reached the finale of the season. She was also trolled many times, but Sayali did not lose her courage and reached the season’s finale. There were times when the judges compared Sayali’s voice to that of Lataji and Ashaji. Her strong voice can help Saylee win the finale.

There is also a plus point with Saylee Kamble that she has been shown as a financially weak contestant every time. She has been seen crying many times while talking about her home and family. It may be that along with his voice in the hearts of the audience, this thing will strike home, and there will be bumper voting for him.

The makers may have projected Saylee as a new singer, but Saylee is a talented and professional singer. A video of her went viral in which she was singing on stage with veteran singer Suresh Wadkar. It has been proved that she is a professional singer who has done many stage shows before appearing in the show. This experience of his in the bus finale can become Sayli’s strength.

Sayali is the show’s singer who has improved herself the most from the audition to the finale. Sayali has done a lot of work on her own voice, and she herself knows this. Recently, Saylee had told that she has completely separated from the audition round. Now she considers herself a good singer. In 10 months, Saylee has made a tremendous improvement in herself, whose hallmark has been seen in the recent episodes. In such a situation, Sayali is a strong contender to win in the finale.

It is not that everything is good in Sayli. Sayali also has some shortcomings, which can be a loss deal for them in the finale. If we talk about Sayali’s shortcomings, the biggest drawback is that her voice and Arunita’s voice sound quite similar. Throughout the season, she and Arunita Kanjilal have been compared to legendary duos like Lata-Ashaji. The judges say this every time that the pairing of these two reminds them of Lata Ji and Asha Ji. Both of them sang together many times, and many times, it has happened that the voice of Sayli overshadowed Arunita. She could be an alarm bell for Arunita. However, getting a voice from Arunita is a loss for Sayali. In both having a similar voice, the makers would not want that if a female winner becomes someone else instead of Arunita.

Actually, Arunita has given tremendous TRP to the makers during the entire season, and most people want to see her become the winner. In such a situation, the makers will not want to risk, proving to be a loss deal for Sayli. Besides, Sayali is less active on social media, and her fanbase is also not very strong. Only 2,79,000 people follow Sayli on Instagram. At the same time, people follow Arunita Kanjilal 9,79,000. By coming here, Sayli may lag. The weak fanbase on social media also makes Sayli inferior to the rest in the finale.


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