Bigg Boss OTT Tamil Contestants list revealed, these three will make it interesting

Bigg Bos Tamil OTT

With Bigg Boss Season 5 finale just around the corner, Bigg Boss makers are gearing up to launch this huge reality show in OTT format. According to reports, the crew is in the process of redesigning the Bigg Boss reality show, which will run for about 100 days on the iconic screen, to OTT for 45 days with 13 contestants. It has been reported that Kamal Haasan, who hosts Bigg Boss on Vijay TV, will also host Bigg Boss OTT.

Earlier after the completion of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4, to maintain the audience’s interest in Bigg Boss, the show makers aired a dance reality show with Bigg Boss couples. This included contestants who had participated in the Bigg Boss in previous seasons. The dance reality show Bigg Boss Jodigal aired till the start of the ongoing Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5.

With just a few days to go before the end of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5, intense work is underway to broadcast the 24 hours live OTT site for Bigg Boss OTT. It is said that this ‘Mini’ Bigg Boss will feature some of the contestants who have participated in all the Bigg Boss seasons so far except the title winners. The Tamil Bigg Boss OTT live broadcast is expected to start in the last week of January. The producers plan to make some innovative changes to the show to make the OTT Bigg Boss more enjoyable than the Bigg Boss that airs on the TV channel. While it is said that there will be a 24×7 live telecast, the details of whether the show will be aired without editing are yet to be clarified.

Bigg Boss OTT Tamil Contestants

Meanwhile, some information has come out as good news for the Bigg Boss Tamil fans. The latest information is that Julie, also known as Maria Juliana, Vanitha Vijayakumar, and Anita Sampath will be participating in the upcoming season of Bigg Boss OTT Tamil. It is said that the three most trolled people are coming to Bigg Boss are almost certain to participate in the Tamil Bigg Boss OTT. Apart from the 24×7 live streaming OTT show, the news that 12 or 13 contestants will be held for 45 or 70 days has created great expectations among the Tamil Bigg Boss fans.



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