Bigg Boss Ultimate Week 3 Nominations include these 8 contestants, who will get voted out?

Bigg Boss Ultimate nominations

It has been two weeks since Vijay TV launched the Bigg Boss Ultimate show in Tamil with a different plot. TV Big Boss is other. This Big Boss is other. Kamal Haasan also hosts this. The Bigg Boss show in Hindi was released on Ott. The same concept is being aired on Disney Hot Star in Tamil. Also, the show airs 24 hours a day on Disney Hotstar without being an hour like a TV show. Also, it is noteworthy that, as in the last two seasons all of the contestants were sent to BB house only after being vaccinated and isolated twice.

It features contestants from Big Boss Season 1 to 5. The show was initially attended by 14 people, including Vanitha, Snehan, Abirami, Suja Varuni, Abhinay, Anita, Balaji Murugadoss, Dadi Balaji, Surudi, Tamarai Selvi, Sharik, Nirup, Surudi, Tamarai, Suresh Sharik, Nirup. From the very first day on the Ultimate show, the video shows Abrami smoking video, Vanitha’s fight, Nirup’ss love, Anita-Thamarai-Julie making suits.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Show:
And since the beginning of the Big Boss Ultimate show, there has been a violent riot among the contestants. Thus they are attacking each other. They were nominated on the first day of the Ultimate show. Suresh Chakraborty is the first to be eliminated. Suja Varuni is out in the eviction for the second week based on the people’s votes.

Captain at the Bigg Boss Ultimate Show:
Also, it is noteworthy that Suja Varuni was selected as the captain next week. Even last week, Suresh Chakraborty took over as captain before leaving. But, the next day as captain, he left the show. He left his captaincy to Snehan before leaving. Similarly, who was going to take over the captaincy of Suja Varuni? That was the question.

Nominated for the thirtoday’s
In this case, the task for the captain in today’s promo is all done. Vanitha won and became the leader this week. In this case, the nominee task for the third week is underway. In the title of Who will save it, each contestant can save two by giving Rose. Tweek’sho keep more Rose like that will be spared from this week’s nomination. In that sense, we can see who gave Rose to whom.

Balaji – Abirami, Niroop
Sinegan – Thamarai, Thaadi Balaji
Niroop – Anitha, Abhirami
Thamarai – Shariq, Thaadi Balaji
Julie – Abhinay, Suruthi
Anitha – Balaji, Abhinay
Thaadi Balaji – Suruthi, Snegan
Abirami – Balaji, Niroop
Shariq – Julie, Balaji
Suruthi – Balaji, Shariq
Abhinay – Julie, Abhirami
Vanitha – Suruthu, Anitha

Niroop, Snehan, Julieweek’siq, Anita, Balaji Murugadoss, Abhinay, and Tamarai have beLet’sortlisted for this week’s nomination list. Which of these is going out this week?


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