Is Trisha and Simbu getting married in this lockdown? Check out this interesting update

Trisha Simbu marriage

Senior heroine Trisha’s wedding thing has always been a highlight on social media. In the past, Trisha got engaged to a businessman from Chennai and got ready for marriage. However, the marriage was lated called off. Although Trisha was a bit calm with the incident that happened when her career was in fluctuations, she regained her form in her career.

Trisha is now the busy heroine in South Indian cinemas including Kollywood and Tollywood with handful of movies. Trisha is busy with movie opportunities that are not even in the hands of young heroines. However, the latest news of Trisha’s wedding has taken to social media once again. Trisha’s wedding was being publicised and she has reacted about it on Twitter “I don’t know when my wedding will be..If you know, I will not do it without telling you”.

The latest news circulating in the Kollywood media is that Trisha is getting married to Tamil hero Simbu. Simbu – The adults have also agreed to Trisha’s marriage, and soon the couple is rumored to be getting married.

In the past, Simbu fell in love with Hansika and Nayantara, but after falling in love with them, Simbu started making movies after breaking up with them. Recently, Simbu’s marriage was also publicized on social media. Simbu’s father T Rajendran responded about the marriage. He said that there is no bride yet, We are looking to find a suitable bride for STR. Now Simbu is said to be married to Trisha. Trisha and STR has not responded if it’s true, we will wait for the official confirmations.


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