Maestro Ilayaraja’s music equipments worth few crores stolen from his room in Prasad Studio

Ilayaraja Prasad Studio

Maestro Ilayaraja has lodged a complaint with the Police Commissioner’s Office alleging that someone stole music notes he had written and damaged musical instruments in his room at Prasad Studio in Saligramam, Chennai.

Ilayaraja has complained that musical instruments worth crores of rupees have been damaged by trespassing into his office and that someone has stolen and sold the notes he had written. Ilayaraja has complained that part of the studio was given to him by LV Prasad for his talent and for composing music for his company’s films.

Ilayaraja has further complained that Sai Prasath who wanted him to vacate the place has intentionally damaged the music equipments and stolen notes with help of some people.


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