Bigg Boss 4 Telugu 9th Week Voting: These contestants are nominated for elimination this week

Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 9th Week elimination vote

Monday came Bigg Boss weather is good heat .. aside from the fact that the nominees will be eliminated .. who will nominate .. who will be nominated The 58th episode started on Monday.

Bigg Boss Premajanta .. Akhil and Monal put charms near the washroom .. You are neglecting me .. Why aren’t you sitting next to me? And our Attitude star Akhil no .. I said I did not neglect you.

But our hug baby .. if the same is true then give me a hug that hug. Akhil did not hug me wholeheartedly .. My Akhil, however, did not hug like this, ‘said Hugh. Do you want space ?? What happened to you .. I know about Akhil .. If Monal asks what happened … I need some time ‘Akhil came out giving expressions in his own style as usual.

And darling .. All the members of the house were seen dancing to my darling song. Akhil-Monal, who always dances as a couple, took separate steps.

** Ariana captaincy .. not as usual **
As Sohail and Mehboob are both asleep, the dogs bark at Bigg Boss’ house. With this he poured two buckets of water on Mehboob. However, the tribe laughed when they remembered that Sohail was also asleep. After that Ariana broke down again .. Mehboob got into a fight for not wiping properly.

The dogs barked as Akhil and Sohail snarled again. With this, Ariana came and ordered Nu to go and take a bath. ‘I just took a bath .. he told Ariana that he would do it in the evening .. but Ariana insisted that you should not do it’ .. he went furiously and jumped in the swimming pool.

Then he swayed angrily .. I will come out of the swimming pool .. He stayed in the swimming pool for a long time saying that he is not in good health. He came into the house with wet clothes and made a fuss.

I will go to bed again .. I will jump in the swimming pool again .. I will not do this with the punishment given to me .. Do what you do. In the meantime, the announcement came from Bigg Boss that Mike had to change his dress and put it aside.

When Ariana came again and punished Sohail again, Arjun Reddy in him came out .. I will not do it .. Poe behaved insanely saying tell me who to tell.

Ariana, who had taken Sohail’s shoe laces, did not return it, so she took it and got into a fight saying, “Because I did not give my lace .. I am being punished .. Take it”. Ariana asked what the punishment was. The rift between the two doubled after the nomination process began.

** 9th Week Nominations .. Rachcha Rachcha **
Bigg Boss show is half over .. From now on the house members are going to start the actual game .. 9th week the nominations process has started.

But not always all at once .. When the Bigg Boss announcement came, Bigg Boss said whoever said their name would have to go and break the hen eggs on both their heads. However, Monal requested Bigg Boss not to let the egg crash into my head. Bigg Boss will save the nominee anyway. Adopted daughter Monal. However, Monal can be asked, but not the Bigg Boss.

First the Big Boss announcement was made to Captain Ariana. She smashed the first egg on Harika’s head. The second egg hit Sohail on the head. Even now the quarrel between the two is raging. So far 8 people have become captains .. Me too .. Neela no one has done .. Do not show your attitude .. Do not feel like a big pudding, said Sohail.

With the turn of Avinash .. Abhijit was nominated. I don’t like you getting up and getting serious when you hear that Noel is a retail comedy. Avinash said that it was not correct for you to be involved when Noel targeted me personally.

Then he smashed the second egg on Harika’s head. Giving a task is like playing a game .. I don’t like playing the game as a favorite for your favorite people other than the team you are with .. I didn’t play the game like a game so I am nominating you, said Avinash.

With the turn of Sohail after that .. I wanted to nominate Ariana but .. not done as she is the captain. Sohail says she will do it next week .. Monal smashes the egg on her head. I told Akhil that I was getting into a quarrel with him for saying that there is a thing here and there.

The second egg hit the self-proclaimed tiger Abhijit. When I feel that I have been tagged as a liar .. I know that you will come and everything will be set for you .. That is why I am nominating Sohail.

And Abhijit .. nominating Avinash .. unless you always think that I will make you entertain or healthy .. I don’t think so. Nu may have come to do comedy .. but we are not ready to take comedy .. Abhi told Avinash that it would be better to stop comedy.

But I come here to entertain .. I come to entertain as a comedian .. Do not come if you do not want to do .. Performance until death .. You do not sit .. Do you want to tell me not to do comedy? Avinash said loudly. All in all the feud between the two went on for a long time. One by one the loop holes were exposed and a commotion ensued. In tomorrow’s episode, the bullets of words exploded between Rajasekhar Master and Abhijit. Those details will continue in the Bigg Boss updates for tomorrow’s episode. More details in tomorrow’s episode.


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