Cook with Comali Elimination: Ashwin vs Pavithra, who will get eliminated this week?

Cook with comali elimination this week

Cook with Comali is a popular TV show on Vijay TV, and fans are hoping for more episodes from this show as the show is nearing the finale. The show, which airs weekly, is also being watched by a large crowd.

Meanwhile, in Cook With Comali Season 2, which moves towards the final, there are currently five main contenders playing Kani, Baba Bhaskar, Shakeela, Pavithra, and Ashwin.

Ashwin and Pavithra are currently playing in the elimination task in the currently released promo. One of these, who has become hugely popular among fans, will be leaving Cook with Comali show this week. Fans are sad as they want both of them to stay for the finale.

Whom do you think will get eliminated?


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