When is Bigg Boss 5 Telugu starting? Here are some exclusive details

Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 start date

When does the fifth season of Bigg Boss start? Will it air this year or not? But who is the host, who are the contestants, this discussion has been going on for many days. The show, which usually starts at the end of the summer each year, started in September last year due to COVID 19. There has also been a debate over whether this year will have a season. However, the show’s organizers say that Bigg Boss Season 5 will start in a month.

Bigg Boss organizers insist there is no doubt that season 5 will happen this year. But when does it start? There was a lot of suspense over who the contestants were. Bigg Boss Season 1, hosted by NTR, started on July 16, 2017. The second season started on June 10, 2018. Then came the third season again in July, and the fourth season started on September 21, 2020. The show started last year amid doubts about whether it would happen due to the coronavirus and was a grand success.

It is interesting to know when season 5 will start this year. Currently, the corona cases are in decline. Operations resume as usual, with exemptions from each lockdown. The makers are also planning to start shooting soon. Preparations are also underway to start shooting for Bigg Boss in this sequence. It seems that the contestants’ selection process has already been completed through Zoom, and the work on the Bigg Boss set is also in full swing.

It has been rumored that this season 5 set will be vibrant for a long time, and now preparations are on the same level. If all goes well, all the work will be done in July and August 2021. It seems that the decision has been made to start the show in September 2021. Who will be the show’s host this season is also a matter of interest to the audience. It is learned that Nagarjuna will be the host again this season.



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