Anupama 22 June 2021 Written Update: Vanraj-Kavya quarrel due to job, Geeta Bai will bring new twist

Anupama 22 June 2021

Vanraj has got a job in the show ‘Anupama.’ With which Kavya is not happy. At the same time, Geeta Bai’s attitude is troubling the entire Shah family a lot. So know what will happen today in the latest episode of the show ‘Anupama.’

After a long wait, Vanraj has got the job, which makes the whole family happy. On the other hand, Kavya gets enraged due to Kaif’s job and starts quarreling with Vanraj. On the other hand, Geeta Bai of Kavya is not deterring from her insolence. Know what will happen in today’s latest episode.

Kavya misbehaves with her
Kavya argues with Baa. Baa explains to Kavya that the way you can’t see your husband eating spicy food. Similarly, she, too, cannot see her son hungry. Kavya taunts Bo that she can’t even see him with Vanraj. They have not even tolerated one job. Bo and Kavya argue a lot, and Kavya tells Bo to sweeten her tongue by eating litchi.

Vanraj shares job news with Kavya
Angrily, Kavya enters the room. Vanraj is very happy sitting in the room. Vanraj tells Kavya that she has to say something. Vanraj tells Kavya that he has got a new job. Kavya says in the same small company. Vanraj tells Kavya that his friend is opening a cafe. She has offered him the position of Marketing Head. On hearing this, Kavya gets furious and says that she will work in a small company after working in such a big company.

Vanraj’s concern is troubling Babuji
Anupama gives medicine to Babuji. During this, Anupama says that there will be a fight. There will be a fight between Kavya and Vanraj. Anupama tells Babu Ji that husband and wife cannot speak. On the other hand, a fight starts between Kavya and Vanraj. Kavya taunts Vanraj that working in a small company takes more hard work, and it is not sure whether there will be profit in the company. Also, there is no guarantee of salary. Vanraj says that his whole family was happy after hearing this.

Kavya got angry on Anupama
Vanraj says that Anupama was also pleased after hearing this. Hearing this, Kavya gets furious and says that Anupama is illiterate and now you will obey her. Vanraj says that he is not illiterate. Kavya hears this and says that if she was so fine, why should she come to him.

Vanraj reached the family
Vanraj goes to his family to drink tea. Then Kavya also leaves. She makes green tea and sandwiches for Vanraj. Just then, Tosho brings Samosas, Kachoris, and Jalebis for everyone. The whole family gets happy seeing this. Vanraj’s mouth starts watering. Just then, Vanraj snatches the plate of samosas and kachoris from Anupama’s hand. Seeing this, Kavya gets angry.

Geeta Bai provoked Kavya
Geeta Bai comes to Kavya’s room while handling the clothes and says that she praises Anupama and tells them how she manages to do so much work. Kavya listens and says that she gives money to work. Not to praise Anupama. Seeing this, Geeta understands that Kavya has become angry. Geeta then changes her tone and starts instigating Kavya against Vanraj’s family. Geeta tells Kavya that this whole family and his ex-wife spend the whole day roaming around with Vanraj Sahib. So how will they come to him? Geeta tells Kavya about controlling Vanraj with love.

Big misbehavior of Geeta Bai
Baa is doing pooja early in the morning, and Geeta Bai’s snoring is bothering her. Baa gets upset and comes to pick up Geeta by ringing the bell. Hearing this, Geeta gets upset. Anupama sees this and asks Bo to stop. Anupama tells Geeta that she has to sleep and go to the courtyard. Just then, Geeta gets up and starts getting angry at Baa and starts telling lies. Geeta says that this woman has made her life difficult. Hearing this, Anupama tells Geeta to keep quiet.


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