Indian Idol 12: Pawandeep Rajan didn’t teach harmonium to Arunita Kanjilal, viral video exposed lies

Arunita Pawandeep Harmonium

TV world’s famous singing reality show Indian Idol 12 has been controversial for the past several months. Now an old video of the show’s most laughable voice Arunita Kanjilal (Arunita Kanjilal), can once again get the show embroiled in controversies. The makers have lied one after the other for the TRP of the show. However, every time their lies are caught due to social media. The latest case is also similar. Every photo, video related to Arunita, who has become a social media sensation, becomes viral within minutes. An old video of Arunita is going viral in which she is practicing with her family.

This video is being told from one and a half years ago. The amazing thing is that during this practice, she is also pointing fingers at the harmonium. Now the lies of the makers have come to the fore on this matter. Many pictures of Arunita and Pawandeep went viral before this season’s ‘Girls vs. Boys’ special episode. The news was shared with them that Pawandeep has given harmonium training to Arunita.

In this special episode, Arunita played the harmonium with the performance of Anjali Gaikwad. At the end of the performance, Judge Anu Malik asked Arunita where she learned to play the harmonium?

On this, Arunita said that Pawandeep Rajan helped her in learning harmonium. Arunita said, “I always had an inclination towards learning harmonium but never got a chance to do so. Finally, Indian Idol 12 gave me a chance to learn harmonium. Pawandeep Rajan trained me for a few weeks, which gave me the confidence to perform on stage. I look forward to learning many more musical instruments from him in the future.’

When Arunita has already played such a good harmonium, then why did she need to learn? That is, once again, the makers have served a lie about ‘Arudeep’ in front of the audience for TRP. Well, what do you think about this whole issue? Comment below.


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