Anupama 2 August 2021 Written Update: Anupama’s family starts to split due to internal conflicts

Anupama 2 August 2021

Vanraj and Anupama have to pay a tax of 20 lakhs. Due to this, the whole family is in trouble. On the other hand, Anupama’s children have started fighting among themselves. Toshu wants to leave the house and realizes that he doesn’t like anyone. Know what will happen tonight in the latest episode of Anupama.

Anupama and Vanraj are going through a lot of troubles these days. As soon as the cafe and dance academy are opened, the notice to pay the tax has arrived. Both are unhappy about 20 lakh rupees. In such a situation, Rakhi Dave offers them money which Vanraj and Anupama reject. On the other hand, Anupama’s children are getting out of her hands. Pakhi and Tosho repeatedly taunt about leaving the house. About which Anupama’s concern is increasing even more. Know what will happen tonight in the latest episode of the show ‘Anupama.’

Anupama turned down Rakhi Dave’s offer
Anupama tells Rakhi Dave that Kanha is with her as long as there is breath in his breath. Till then, he will work hard. She tells Rakhi Dave that she does not want to hear crores of taunts by taking money from him. Vanraj and Anupama both tell Rakhi to Dave that she can go. Mamaji also appreciates the courage of both. While leaving, Rakhi tells Dave Tosho that another evening and a farce. What about the Shah family too?

Babuji apologized to the children

Babuji apologizes to Anumpa and Vanraj as soon as Rakhi Dave leaves. He tells both that he did not do it intentionally. Babuji says that when the factory closed, he stopped even opening the papers. Both Vanraj and Anupama take care of Babuji. Toshu, while taunting babuji, thinks that someone in this house has done something right till today, which he would have done. Babuji gets very sad.

Babuji says that people give property worth crores to their children by inheritance, but they have given them loans. Mamaji also gets sad and says that he was thinking that he would help his brother-in-law by working. But becoming a burden is written in their fate. Vanraj tells Babuji that he will not give up.

Toshu’s anger
Toshu angrily goes to his room, which Anupama and Kinchal see. As soon as he enters the room, Toshu starts throwing in the clothes in anger. Kinchal asks Toshu for his actions. Then angrily, Toshu says that everyone in this house thinks for their self-respect. When mom was helping with money, then these people refused. Kinchal says that when they start living separately, then problems will come into their life too.

Toshu shouts that he has to get out of this house. He suffocates in this house. Anupama goes to Tosh’s room to talk to him. Then she hears Tosh shouting and leaves from there.

Vanraj went for a walk with Kavya
Vanraj is wandering, worried. Then Kavya says that let’s go outside a little. He is suffocating. Vanraj says that he is not in the mood. To go anywhere. Then Kavya says that her friend has called. I will come back after a while. Kavya says that by staying outside, he can even think comfortably. Hearing this, Vanraj agrees to go out. Just then, Sweety comes to Kavya and tells her that tomorrow is her dance competition.

Teach her to dance. Kavya refuses to Pakhi. Pakhi gets angry hearing this. Anupama looks at Pakhi and says that she can do it herself. Anupama shows Pakhi that she was handling the utensils. Seeing this, Pakhi gets very angry and decides that she will dance herself.

Anupama explains to Samar
Nandani tells Samar that 20 lakhs is a huge amount. How will he do it? Samar tells crying that in childhood, he had no idea of ​​money. He takes his gulk to his mother and goes to him and tells him to take it from the gulk. I wish even today he does not have any idea of ​​money. Just then, Anupama comes and sees Samar’s tears. Anupama asks Nandani to go and teach Pakhi dance, but Nandani says that she will go, but she doesn’t know how Pakhi will react. Samar says that she will get angry.

Samar says he has a bestie. Anupama says that Vanraj and Kavya have gone out. Then Anupama asks Samar to talk with Tosho. Samar says that there was a scuffle between them. That’s why they are not talking. Anupama gets sad hearing this. Anupama tells Samar and Nandani that now they have to stop crying and think about what they have to do from tomorrow morning.

Vanraj talked about loan with a friend
Kavya and Vanraj are enjoying a lot with their friends. Vanraj thanks Kavya that she needed it. Then Vanraj’s friend gets a loan message. His friend says that these loan people send messages anytime. Those who do not even want a loan also do it. Vanraj says that anyone else who wants a loan does not get a loan. Hearing this, Kavya’s mouth becomes full. Vanraj tells his friend that he has opened a new business. For that, he needs a loan. He also tells his friend to tell if there is any loan giver.

Then one of his friends asks Kavya about the job. Kavya says that she did not get time to set up Vanraj’s business. Then her friend says that she will talk to someone, but when he calls, she picks up. Kavya says that her phone is in her hand only.

Pakhi misbehaves with Nandini
Nandani goes to Pakhi. Nandani tells Pakhi that if she needs any help in rehearsal or dress, she has to go. Give it. Then Pakhi says that if mother herself did not come, then sent her. Remote control greatness is becoming remotely great. Hearing this story of Pakhi, Nandani says that I wish Aunty could send a slap from the control. Nandani tells Pakhi that she doesn’t have the guts to talk at all. Pakhi says that she has not got the right with which she is scolding. Samar, Anupama, Kinchal, and Tosho also leave today after hearing the sound of a fight between Pakhi and Nandani.

Quarrel between children
There is a lot of argument between Pakhi and Nandani. Kinchal tells Pakhi that she has become insulting. He doesn’t have the guts to talk about anything. After listening to Kinchal, Pakhi says that she is roaming around with many spoons in Anupa’s house, but she does not want to talk to anyone. Pakhi says angrily that she hates the house and the people living in the house. Hearing this, he tells Tosh that this is absolutely true. Tosh and Samar also start fighting and leave in anger. Seeing this, Anupama gets very sad and starts crying.


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