Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Contestants: Goli Soda 2 actor Siva in BB5 Tamil

Goli Soda 2 Siva Bigg Boss Tamil

The Bigg Boss show airing on Vijay TV is expected to start its fifth season as the four seasons have done well in TRP. With the show expected to launch in September or October, information about the Bigg Boss Season 5 Tamil contestants has been leaked from time to time.

Some celebrities, including Kani and Sunita, who are especially famous for their Cook with Comali show, were said to be participating as contestants in the Big Boss Season 5 show. Also, small and big screen actors and actresses are said to be in talks to attend the Big Boss show as contestants.

According to reports, actor Siva, who played the character Siva in Vijay Milton’s ‘Golicoda 2’, is all set to attend the Big Bash and talks are underway. It remains to be seen whether actor Siva will attend the Big Boss show.


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